Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates

anti slip plates in snow

Heskins anti slip bolt down plates are useful for areas that are not suitable for anti slip tape application. Constantly wet and loose surfaces will also prevent adhesive from bonding correctly, causing the application to fail. Anti slip bolt down plates remove the possibility of failure from the product by being screwed, bolted or nailed in to the surface itself.

We apply a die cut of our anti slip tape, in any grade you would like; we usually apply our standard and coarse anti slip tape to a sheet of aluminum to create our anti slip plates, but if you would like to consider other options, please call us to discuss. The plate itself is made from a weatherproof aluminum, finished with 6 or 8 pre-drilled eyelets and rounded corners, which will not tarnish in foul weather. These 4.5”x25” flat or 4.7″x1.7″x25″ L-shape anti slip bolt down plates, once applied, can be left permanently if required.



Wooden walkways, particularly near water, are perfect for application of bolt down plates, as this removes the possibility of the anti slip surface failing. Non slip plates can be applied in minutes, and when applying to wood, the use of screws or nails is recommended.

External Areas

Areas subject to exposure to the elements, particularly the ice and snow, are perfect for the application of bolt down plates. Many areas are not required to have an anti surface applied to them all year round, so the ability to add and remove easily, when required, is an attractive option to many. For concrete flooring, a little prep is required for a secure fitting, but once that is done, non slip plates can be applied and removed quickly.

Stair Nosings

l shape anti slip plates

We recommend the use of our L-shape non slip plates for application to stairs as non slip stair treads, their L shape ensures the entire stair nosing has an anti slip surface. Of course, our flat anti slip plates are also suitable for use as anti slip stair treads, but we recommend the former for application for stair nosing. 

L-shape bolt down plates, suitable for use as non slip stair treads due to their shape, as it fully covers the edge to ensure a suitable non slip surface that covers the entire lip of the step. These can also be used on ledges. These are available in a size of 4.7″x1.7″x25″.

Our video " Installing L shape Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates" will show the correct way to apply L shapes bolt down plates as anti slip stair treads.

We can apply any of our abrasive and non abrasive anti slip tapes to any of our bolt down plates. We even apply the anti slip material in house so the anti slip plates will arrive with you ready to fix down.

If you would like to enquire further about out anti slip bolt down plates or place an order, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.