Anti Slip Die Cuts on C-17 Trainer

anti slip die cuts Anti slip die cuts applied to a Boeing C-17 training craft

Heskins LLC recently supplied large anti slip die cut kit packs for use on a Boeing C-17 Globemaster 111 training aircraft. Using anti slip due cuts on the floors allowed cost effective, excellent non slip efficiency while covering a large surface area. To produce this order required meticulous planning to ensure not only was the order produced to the exact numbers, but in the fastest possible time too. We used our black standard Safety Grip tape as the base material for producing the anti slip die cuts, as it allowed for the anti slip properties they required for the training environment they use. The color choice also helps to prevent trainees from getting distracted during their training programs. We worked very closely with training squadron engineers, listening to their information to advise on material and application layout to ensure maximum efficiency. Not just limited to simulation, the aim is to use the same anti slip solutions in full service vehicles also, carrying safety from the training centres to the field. Heskins LLC have a range of custom services, tailor-made anti slip product manuf­ac­turing allows our customers to receive materials specific to their specifi­cations. We can manufacture our base materials in any color matching Pantone or RAL references, as well as making grit surface and adhesive changes to suit the environment they are to be applied in. Our fleet of post production machines allow us to create virtually any size of shape or anti slip roll or die cut to suit customer needs. This service allows us to create cost effective products, that maximize a materials performance, while keeping costs low. For more information on anti slip due cuts, or to place an order, you can visit our website, or contact our sales team by email, phone, live chat or the contact us form on the website. We look forward to hearing from you.    

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