Glow in the Dark Exit Signs Now Available

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017


At Heskins, we are continuously creating and improving our products to increase safety for you, your employees and your customers. Recently, we’ve added to our range of self-adhesive wall marking signs by including EXIT/SALIDA signs, both of which are available in green or red printed text on a premium grade glow in the dark base material.

Constructed from our High Grade Photoluminescent Egress Tape, these self-adhesive signs are suitable for daytime and nighttime use.

During the day, the signs appear white with red or green text and in a night time or lights out scenario, they glow bright green and the text

is black, helping to guide people no matter what the lighting conditions are. This makes for an excellent all-day safety solution.

Never-ending Glow


The glow can be charged over and over by exposing the material to natural or artificial lights. Because our signs are produced with photoluminescent powders, these powders have an indefinite lifespan and can be recharged over and over for the duration of the application lifespan.

Heskins Photoluminescent EXIT/SALIDA signs are 7” in height and 14” in width. Glow in the dark exit signs make for use in warehouses, hotels and public emergency exits. In the event of a power outage, the glow in the dark aspect of these signs will help guide any employees or customers safely out of the building. This can be the case in daytime as well, as there are possibilities for evacuation due to emergency. We have produced these signs with qualities to help your building meet IBC (International Business Codes).

As safety is a top concern of ours here at Heskins, we hope that glow in the dark exit signs will be of interest to you and your company. For more information or to place an order, you can contact the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

Heskins Donates to the Local Fire Department

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Just up the road from the Heskins warehouse is East Butler’s local fire station. For all the work they do for our city, we at Heskins thanked them by donating a couple rolls of our 3”x98ft rolls of industrial floor marking tape, known as PermaRoute.

I had the opportunity to go down to the fire station myself and snap some images of the material being used. As you can see in the images, East Butler Fire Station has used the yellow and yellow/black hazard PermaRoute to line the floor where the ambulance and fire trucks park in the station. The small pieces of black and yellow hazard material are used to show where to stop the vehicle when backing in. You can see that the tires are lined up just where the black and yellow sections are.

Our PermaRoute product is a heavy duty line marking material that is intended for industrial settings. This material helps to alert these large fire trucks and ambulances of where they need to park in order to keep the vehicle safe and undamaged. It is also used to be sure there is enough room for our volunteer firefighters/ambulance drivers to manoeuvre through the garage.

We can’t thank everyone at the East Butler Station 9 & 44 enough for all they do!

PermaRoute comes in all different colors and variations which can be found on If you have an application you feel this material would work for, send your inquiries to us via our contact form, or by phone at 724-256-8359.


Underwater Anti Slip Tape Application: An Insight

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

One of our most popular questions is: Does our anti-slip material work underwater?

The answer is a possible yes but also mainly a no!

Almost all high-quality self-adhesive systems work in the same format; a semi-liquid coating that, when pressure is applied, ‘wets’ out allowing the strands of hotmelt to grip and hold, after about 24~48 hours the full adhesive bond of the acrylic adhesive kicks in.  Any water present in the surrounding area prevents the adhesive from bonding resulting in immediate lifting.

Many of our customers have achieved success by applying our anti slip tape onto a non-porous surface that is clean, dry and free from grease then submerging that.  Although in most of, many of instances it is successful there are some situations where it has failed.  We believe that the failures are most probably due to certain chlorine mixes, but, due to the small number of applications for this and even smaller number of failures we have not investigated it further.

What 100% guarantee can be offered?

Unfortunately none.

But slippages on surfaces underwater are quite common, surely Heskins have a plan?

We do, testing is ongoing but this problem is very difficult and surprisingly complex.  We are working with companies that produce specific underwater temporary tile fixing bonds.  We have a test area, it is the company president’s hot tub!  Different adhesive solutions are submerged and progress monitored.

Should we wish to talk about this further and request documentation from us, please feel free to speak to the sales team via live chat, phone or fill out the contact us form and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.