Chemical Resistant Safety Grip

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  • H3447 Chemical Resistant Grip Black 50mm web
Product code CHEM
• Specifically produced to be our most chemical resistant material
• Suitable for use in areas that have high chemical exposure
• Available in 3 grades

Heskins anti slip tapes already feature high levels of resistance to chemicals, but the potential strength of a chemical to degrade the performance of Heskins anti slip tape will vary. Common chemicals found in the workplace such as soap, water and certain petroc­hemicals will not affect the materials surface. However, in very rare cases an anti slip surface can be submerged in a chemical that is very aggressive. Some of our customers do work with solutions that could be problematic in the performance of an anti slip surface, such as high concentrate MEK, toluene, acids and alkalis, amongst others.

For most applications, Heskins conventional Safety Grip tape performs to exceptional levels, but in rare cases, there are certain situations that can cause problems:

Chemical Retention

Some mild chemicals such as cleaning agents mixed with water can be trapped on the surface with no way of escaping, and with the fluids forming in the valleys of the anti slip tape can, over time, damage the resins that hold the abrasive grit on to the plastic film, causing it to shed.

Harsh Chemicals

Heskins anti slip tape is not designed to withstand harsh chemicals, such as toluene, MEK etc. The chemicals can have a detrimental impact on the resin, affecting the anti slip tapes durability.

What Makes Chemical Resistant Anti Slip Tape Different?

Heskins modify the upper bonding resin to help prevent problems caused by most harsh chemicals. The resin has been designed to withstand long term exposure to high concentrate, harsh chemicals. This has all been done, while upholding performance levels of the anti slip tape, with the same Coefficient of Friction ( grip level measure ) as our range of anti slip tape.


Chemical resistant anti slip tape is available in 3 grades:

  • Standard
  • Coarse
  • X-Coarse with HG adhesive

All 3 have the exact same grit, aluminum oxide, that is used with our general range of anti slip tapes, but use the special chemical resistant resin to bond the grit to the backing film.


At present, chemical resistant anti slip tape is only produced in black, but dependent on order quantity, it can be prooduced in any color matching Pantone or RAL references to suit your needs.

To enquire further, request samples or to place an order, please contact our sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

Regulations and Certi­fica­tions

Below is a table denoting what regulations chemical resistant anti slip tape meets and what certs, if any, are available.

Certi­fica­tions and Regulations Regulation Met?/Cert Available?
OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23
CoF Standards for Americans with Disabilities Act 2008
NFSI Certification
R118 (Burning behavior of materials used in the construction of commercial vehicles) Download

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