Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape

blue coarse resilient anti slip tape

Coarse resilient tape, is manufactured in the same manner as our resilient tape, but for more demanding situations. We have increased the non slip surfaces effectiveness for areas that may be subjected to dirt build up and water, such as industrial application.

Coarse resilient tape is constructed from an embossed plastic, with an embossing technique applied that allows for an excellent surface texture that has high levels of CoF ( Coefficient of Friction ) while being non abrasive. Micro blowing while the material is still molten allows for deeper troughs and valleys than regular resilient, meaning it can be used in alternative environments, increasing levels of CoF to ensure slip resistance in areas prone to dirt and ice build up.


Coarse resilient tapes application in industrial areas can be broken down into a variety of uses:

Anti Slip Stair Edging

On construction sites and in other industrial environments, steps and stairs are exposed to the elements, and the elements are also brought indoors by the user, causing stairs to become hazardous, and therefore increasing the chance of slips. Walkways in and around buildings, and footplates and steps on machinery are all prone to the same outcome. Applying anti slip stair strips as anti slip stair edging to these areas will help to reduce slips, with the industrial finish preventing the dirt and other contaminants from degrading performance to levels that do not meet regulations. Coarse resilient can be sold in rolls or sheets so you can cut your own non slip stair strips, or we can cut them for you to arrive in ready to apply packs, just clean and dry the area, and stick down, and your anti slip stair strips are ready for use. Coarse resilient makes durable, hard wearing, industrial grade non abrasive non slip stair edging to be used in various areas.


Many walkways on docks, or at swimming pools, are usually susceptible to water exposure. In these environments, shoes aren’t worn, and if they are they are usually light to prevent heavy water logging, so bare skin can be exposed. Using an abrasive anti slip could cause injury and discomfort while walking or working in the environment. Coarse resilient tape allows for fantastic grip levels in demanding environments while being completely comfortable to use. 

black coarse resilient anti slip tape applied in car

Heskins non abrasive range is constructed from plastic due to the dimensional stability that it brings. Materials such as rubber are too inconsistent to meet quality control regulations for these products, so by using plastic we can achieve the same benefits rubber provides, but with a more consistent finish.

We manufacture H3451 coarse resilient tape in roll widths up to 52 inches. For those who would like a custom option such as a specific size, color or shape, dependent on order quantity, this is possible. 

Colors available:

black coarse resilient anti slip tape





gray coarse resilient non slip tape





blue coarse resilient anti slip tape





white coarse resilient anti slip tape





clear coarse resilient non slip tape









For a leaner, non abrasive anti slip material, our resilient tape is also available. This can still provide excellent grip levels, for less demanding applications.

Coefficient of Friction Data

Dry Surface Test Result Wet Surface Test Result
95 TRL 60 TRL

Regulations and Certifications

Below is a table denoting what regulations coarse resilient anti slip tape meets and what certs, if any, are available.

Certifications and Regulations Regulation Met?/Cert Available?
OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23 Check mark symbol
CoF Standards for Americans with Disabilities Act 2008 Check mark symbol
NFSI Certification Download

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