DOT Tape

Reflective DOT C2 conspicuity tape is required for FMCSA regulations as a reflective tape for vehicles, amongst various other appli­cations. The DOT tape surface is covered with beads or prisms, that when light is shone upon them, they reflect the light back at the source, particularly in low light or lights out conditions, to alert other road users of the vehicles presence.

Reflective DOT Tape Requirements

Federal requirements state that any truck trailer that is over 80” wide and exceeds 10,000 lbs. in weight needs to be marked with red and white alternating DOT tape that is 2 inches wide running along at LEAST 50% of the length and must cover the full width of the exposed rear area. Reflective conspicuity tape is strictly controlled and only approved material can carry the DOT-C2 spaced text (all of our materials do and are clearly marked as such). Our conspicuity tape exceeds the following requ­ire­ments and regulations; FMVSS 108, NHTSA (49 CFR 571), FHWA (for retrofit) and FMCSA. As a DOT tape manuf­ac­turer, when you buy from us we can provide you the exact type you need, we can provide expert advice and ensure that you meet the standards keeping you on the right side of Federal regulations.

Our DOT tape has a self-adhesive base that adheres to any surface that is clean, dry and free from grease, simply remove the backing paper then apply firm pressure to stick in place. The use of a squeegee is recommended when applying DOT reflective tape. A squeegee helps to apply an even amount of pressure, which will ensure a clean application. The adhesive is permanent and works on steel, aluminum, fiberglass etc. Our product is durable and will provide years of use. Our tape also works well on truck tractors, vans, forklifts, trailers, agricultural equipment, buses, automobiles etc.

We manufacture variants of DOT C2 tape. Glass bead and microp­ris­matic DOT reflective tape, sealed and metalized. More information can be found on these below.

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