Extra Coarse Safety Grip Now NFSI Certified

extra coarse safety grip nfsi certifiedHeskins is proud to announce that we have another anti slip tape certified to the strict NFSI non-slip standard. NFSI is the National Floor Safety Institute that focuses purely on raising standards on floor safety with a view to reducing slips throughout America. One major problem with test results on many data sheets is the probity of the data sheet, who has actually tested them and were they tested internally? NFSI is different, they issue a certificate but only for approved products and only for products tested by them with the supplier reference mentioned.

Heskins Extra Coarse Safety Grip is our latest anti slip tape that has not only passed the NFSI B101.1-2009 grip test but has exceeded the maximum test level. The scale is measured from 0.01 to 1.00, our X-Coarse has exceeded 1.00 so is thus off the scale for grip levels.

As you can see, Heskins LLC takes its respon­sibility to its customers seriously. Not only providing class leading non slip products but also ensuring that we can provide our customers all the relevant data with certi­fica­tion for their use.

You can view all associated X-Coarse Safety Grip certificates and tech specs here.

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