Floor Safety Signs

fire extinguisher do not block floor safety markerHeskins LLC are proud to present our new range of self-adhesive warehouse floor signs, with a variety of different designs to make sure staff and guests are notified about restrictions or potential dangers, helping your business operations to run in complete safety and keep your employees, guests and yourself safe.

Heskins floor safety signs are constructed from a hard wearing, durable plastic that will withstand foot and forklift traffic, with a strong adhesive base applied to ensure that after application, they will hold fast and only be removed when you want them to be. Our warehouse floor markers can be used in various areas, and not only applied to floors, they can be applied to various walls and doors too if necessary, to make sure they are in the best view to notify your staff and guests. Various designs of our floor safety signs are suitable to apply in warehouse aisles to warn of foot or vehicle traffic, or in doorways to notify of restrictions when entering certain areas.

Heskins current range of warehouse floor signs feature the following designs:

danger high voltage fm01 floor sign


DANGER - High Voltage

17" x 26"

ear protection required fm02 floor marker


Ear Protection Required

17" x 23"

emergency exit fm03 warehouse safety sign


Emergency Exit

12" x 17"

glow in the dark exit this way fm04 floor sign


Exit this Way

16" Ø

glow in the dark fire exit fm05 floor marker


Fire Exit

17" Ø

fire extinguisher do not block fm06 floor sign


Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block

11" x 17"

glow in the dark first aid fm07 floor sign


First Aid

17" Ø

caution forklist crossing fm08 aisle marker


Caution Forklift Crossing

17" x 19"

hard hat area fm09 floor marker


Hard Hat Area

12" x 17"

no smoking fm10 safety sign


No Smoking

12" x 17"

notice safety work wear fm11 safety marker


NOTICE - Safety Workwear

12" x 17"

stop fm12 safety marker



17" x 17"



Keep Aisles Clear

17" Ø



Floor Slippery When Wet

17" Ø



Pedestrian Traffic

17" Ø

For those wanting specific floor safety signs for their business, dependent on order quantity we can produce custom solutions.

To enquire about or order Heskins floor safety signs, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.