Heskins Donation Used to Create Kids Crafts at Church

Heskins glow in the dark egress tape on kids craftsHeskins was recently contacted by a church in need of a particular requirement. Unity Fellowship Baptist Church, located in Jackson, MS reached out to us in regards to a craft project for local kids in their area. Always happy to help, we at Heskins decided to donate a few rolls of our glow in the dark photolu­min­escent egress tape to the church’s Vacation Bible School program.



Heskins glow in the dark photoluminescent tape on kids craftsThemed “Glow for Jesus”, members of Unity Fellowship found that our glow in the dark egress tape would be suited for their project. With our donation, kids were able to create several different projects. These included glow in the dark Crosses, jewelry holders, night lights and more! To create these projects, our glow in the dark standard anti slip tape is applied to other craft materials. Materials such as cardboard, water bottles, construction paper, etc., to create fun, light up, crafts for the kids to take home.

Glow in the Dark Tape Performance

Our glow in the dark material is rechargeable under artificial or natural lighting and therefore can be used inde­finitely. This tape emits a mild green color when seen in daylight or lights on situations. However, when the tape is placed in dark areas, it radiates a bright green glow.

Heskins glow in the dark tape in a crossRena Surrell, Craft Leader at Unity Fellowship, said that our glow in the dark egress tape is suitable in ways that it “is sturdy, firm, and very adjustable for being cut into many different shapes.” She had also mentioned how this tape worked well for the project because of its “adapta­bility”.

We at Heskins enjoy helping out when we can. It’s also great to see different uses of our materials! You can view our range of glow in the dark products on the Heskins website. Should you have any more questions, feel free to contact the sales team by phone, live chat or the contact us form on the website. We would be happy to hear from you!

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