Heskins Provide Waterproof Slip Protection in Corporate Colors

safety grip on floating debris collection machineWe always appreciate feedback from customers, in fact we welcome it. Positive comments are preferable, but negative comments give us the opportunity to improve so those too have their place.

Recently, we received one of the former. A manufacturer of floating debris collecting machines sent an enquiry to us. As a water-faring vessel, the working environment is almost constantly wet, which of course increases the risk of slip and fall injuries to employees. They wanted to virtually eradicate slip risks, and this is where we can help!

We sent a sample of our superb blue Safety Grip anti slip tape to the friendly company, which coin­ci­den­tally was exceptional in form as well as function, as the blue matched their corporate colors perfectly.

anti slip tape on floating debris machineThe application shows not only how effective our Safety-Grip range is, but how versatile it is. Within a short timescale, the tape was applied and ready to use. This is a distinct advantage over paints and resins. Downtime is kept to a minimum due to no stencilling or masking pre-application and no drying time or fumes post-application.

As slip prevention is Heskins expertise, we easily resolved a potential slip hazard for the customer, and we have continued our business relationship by providing them with more safety tape for their production needs.

We produce various anti-slip tapes for slip prevention in wet envi­ron­ments, including non-abrasive and salt-resistant marine specific anti-slip tape for sea faring vessels.

Heskins would love to help you with your anti-slip requ­ire­ments. For more information you can speak to a member of our sales team via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking to you.