Heskins Safety Grip Appears at Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition

The Red Bull Cliff diving competition is one of the most elite World Series imagined where experienced divers leap from up to 27m high cliffs in the most sought out places across the globe. These athletes train year round to be able to endure the several different dives they must make from some of the most aesthetically pleasing, yet technically challenging places for the sport around the world. Despite the beauty, event organizers of the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition know that jumping from cliffs is very dangerous, so they want to ensure all safety measures are in place. After creating a platform for the athletes to dive from atop these cliffs, Red Bull reached out to us inquiring about how our materials could be the safety solution they need while still possessing an aesthetic appeal.    Heskins was granted with the opportunity to supply printed grip tape at the end of the launch areas for this event. Our Standard Safety Grip anti slip tape was placed at the end of the platform to give the diver a better ability to get the push he/she needs. This material was one of our first ever created, the flagship product of our business, and we are so thrilled to be able to supply it for such an amazing event. Red Bull had chosen the standard Safety Grip because it possesses an aluminum oxide coating on the surface that provides an effective anti-slip solution. Another reason this material was chosen was because this material is able to be printed on, and this allows Red Bull to continue their ever-growing brand. Heskins LLC has supplied Red Bull with grip tape for both men and women’s launch pads in Texas and Costa Rica. Our team in the United Kingdom has printed Safety Grip for the majority of the European stages as well including Ireland, Portugal, Italy, and plenty more before the final destination of Lago Ranco, Chile. Not only have we produced this material for cliff diving, but our Safety Grip was featured in the Rio 2016 Olympics and BMX World Championship as well! To read more about the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition and see more images of our Printed Safety Grip in action, head over to their website here. For more information about our Printed Safety Grip, please contact us via the contact form, by phone or by live chat and a member of our team will help you as soon as they can!