Our instruc­tional videos here are created to guide you in the installation of our anti slip products. If there are any you would like to be created, then please contact us.

How to Apply Safety Grip to Wooden Decking

Ribbed wooden decking is difficult to apply efficient slip protection on. This video shows two ways of achieving this.

How to Apply an Anti Slip Fire Exit Marker

This video shows you how to effectively apply a large anti slip fire exit marker.

How to Repair PermaStripe®

This video is a guide to show you one method of repairing PermaStripe®

How to Apply Transparent Anti Slip Tape

Transparent anti slip tape is an effective way of applying an incon­spi­cuous anti slip surface to any walking area. This video shows you an effective way to apply transparent anti slip tape.

How to Apply Handrail Grip Tape

This video shows you how to effectively apply Handrail Grip tape to a handle or rail!

Why choose PermaStripe?

This video shows you how to effective the PermaStripe range can be, and the cost savings you can benefit from by using this material!

The Three Grades of Safety Grip Anti Slip Tape

Heskins original anti-slip tape, Safety Grip, is our most popular material. The material is developed to be hard-wearing and active slip prevention. This material shows the different grades we can offer!

UHB Bonding Tape

UHB bonding tape creates an incredible strong seal, allowing you to stick to items together effectively. This material is mainly designed to be a replacement for riveting!

Anti Slip Flooring Large Sheet Application

This video provides you with the correct advice for applying a large sheet of our anti slip flooring whilst minimising the possibility of air bubbles which, if incorrectly applied, can occur when working with a large area.

How to Apply Glow in the Dark Photolu­min­escent Egress Tape

Application of Glow in the Dark Photolu­min­escent Egress Tape