Making Roadways Safer One Trailer at a Time

TSW 2019 Website BadgeWe’re gearing up for the second annual national Trailer Safety Week to be held June 2-8, 2019! By parti­cipating in this safety campaign, we hope to improve the safety of the nation’s roadways by raising trailer safety awareness through education of end-users, dealers and manuf­ac­turers on safe trailering practices. The goal is to close the commu­nica­tion gap between trailer manuf­ac­turers and end-users to make towing safer.

Whether you’re a dealer or manuf­ac­turer, pointing end-users to the information on www.­Trailer­Sa­fety­Week.­com is an easy way to help improve our nation’s roadways. End-users are vastly unde­redu­cated on the proper use of trailers. It’s crucial to utilize the connections that dealers and manuf­ac­turers have with consumers to increase safety and awareness.­  From driving tips to trailer maintenance and components, the Trailer Safety Week website provides end-users with need-to-know information regarding trailer safety in an easy to understand format.

In addition to resources found on the Trailer Safety Week website, trailer dealers and manuf­ac­turers have the opportunity to attend various events held across the nation. During these events, dealers will learn about the National Association of Trailer Manuf­ac­turers’ Compliance Verification Program and the importance of trailers being built to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In addition, attendees will learn about the resources available for dealers to offer end-users. Trailer safety publications will also be distributed at these events as well as Trailer Safety Week key-chains. Unable to attend an event? Order you Trailer Safety Publications here.

Questions? Contact the Trailer Safety Week team at

At Heskins, we offer a range of safety tapes, particularly DOT tapes that will help to increase visibility of your trailers while they are out on the road. We have a wide range of tapes to suit different budgets, including custom DOT tape to help your trailers and brand stand out.

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