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New Micro Prismatic DOT Tape

New Products

Micro prismatic DOT tape is the result of hard work and endeavour, and Heskins would like to announce it to you today. Read more…

After a after a huge amount of hard work and endeavor, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be able to offer our DOT approved conspicuity tape produced in micro-prismatic format. We will be offering both metalized and sealed-film variants.

What is the difference between our existing C2 conspicuity reflective DOT tape and the new products?

Our existing conspicuity DOT tape is glass bead format; the new products are micro-prismatic.

What is Micro-prismatic?

Micro-prismatic is a series of micro prisms, shaped like the corners of a cube, which allows the light from a source to reflect from within the three sides to allow the light to reflect back to the light source. While the prisms do not return the light exactly to the point of origin, the 3 point method of reflection instead returns a cone of light towards the original source of light, meaning the reflection is only seen within that cone. If you are behind the wheel of a car, and your headlights shine onto a material featuring micro-prisms, you will easily see the cone of light reflected back in your direction. This in fact enhances reflective properties, and increases visibility.

What advantages will these products offer?

They have superior reflection properties, especially at acute angles. Due to their construction they can be produced customized with red logo/text on red base or white logo/text on white base.  Our sealed-film type is a pure white, we specifically wanted pure white.  White would be a great advantage to major trailer manufacturers, it looks crisp and brings additional value to customers products.

When can we see samples?

Samples are now available, please enquire to order some so you can see the quality first hand.

We produce equipment that is sold in Europe or Africa; can the conspicuity tape be used on them?

No, you need ECE104 approved tape, which is a totally different color range and requires a separate approval certificate with different test values. Our UK sister company, Heskins Ltd, should soon have approval, and once complete we will be stocking some of the ECE104 conspicuity tape for US-based exporters. Should you require more information, samples or simply wish to place an order, you can do so by contacting us by phone, email, Live Chat or the contact us form on the site. The sales team will be happy to assist you.

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