Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Heskins ranges of non abrasive tapes are suitable for a variety of appli­cations; such as boats, swimming pools, bathrooms, changing rooms, or anywhere where the surface may be exposed to bare skin.

Since it isn’t made from abrasive materials, it will not damage bare skin, and due to its lack of peaks and valleys that abrasive materials feature, it will not harbor bacteria, therefore making it a hygienic & excellent non slip material to use in kitchens and hospitals.

You can read more information on our range of non abrasive anti slip tapes below:

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Aqua Safe

Product code AQS

Resilient Tape

Product code RES

Coarse Resilient Tape

Product code CR

Lean Coarse Resilient

Product code CR_LEAN


Product code FLEX

Cushion Grip

Product code CUSH

Handrail Grip Tape

Product code 3418

Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

Product code RIBB


Product code 3474

Aqua Safe Tape

The staple of our non-abrasive range, aqua safe tape is a standard grip-type tape, suitable for areas exposed to water. Constructed from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) to ensure it is kind to bare skin, yet embossing the surface creates an anti-slip surface to prevent slips.

Resilient Non Slip Tape

Our resilient non slip tape is a PVC tape that has been manipulated to give it a rubber feel, whilst still holding the dimensional stabilities of plastic. Its lack of peaks and valleys mean it will not harbor bacteria, making it an excellent material for use, not only in wet areas, but in food and clinical envi­ron­ments, where high hygiene standards are always in place.

Coarse Resilient Non Slip Tape

Coarse resilient tape is manufactured in the same manner as our resilient tape, but for more demanding situations. We have increased the non-slip surfaces effec­tiveness for areas that may be subjected to dirt build up, but bare feet may be in contact.

H3418 Handrail Grip Tape

Handrail grip tape is something that we’ve developed due to new changes in law, that law which states that handrails in the workplace must have a gripped surface, and not be cold to the touch for the user.

H3435 Ribbed Rubber Type Non Slip Tape

With the success of our handrail tape in the bag, we looked at creating another unique anti slip material. Heskins H3435 ribbed rubber type tape was created as a means for having a non-slip surface with instant drainage. We use the same PVC manipulated material, with a different finish to increase the possible uses.