Non Slip Fabric

h4643 non slip fabric

Our non slip fabric is a great and inexpensive product to prevent slippage of objects. At present we produce three different grades, all with diverse non skid properties. All anti slip fabric materials are produced in the same method using the same construction process;

A polyester mesh is constructed, the shape of the mesh and the gap between strands will determine the ultimate appearance of the fabric. The polyester mesh provides the strength and stability that the soft upper needs. The polyester mesh is wound onto huge master reels, the reels are then loaded onto an offwind bar. The polyester mesh is passed through a warm bath of liquid, non slip plastic foam, the liquid forms on the mesh. The now non slip mesh (now a fabric) passes through a low bake oven. The oven helps to solidify the mesh, however, the plastic retains its foamed properties. The type of plastic used, dwell time in bath etc all determine the end thickness and density.

We produce:


Our most popular anti slip mesh, non-adhesive so very versatile and available in white.


Our self-adhesive version of H4643, again in white. Ideal for when you need to adhere it to a surface for added stability. 

Tenura Fabric: A thick anti slip fabric, with no adhesive backing. We supply this in black, white, beige, red and blue in rolls measuring up to 59"x164ft ( black and white only ) and 59"x82ft ( red and blue only ). Ready to sell retail packs are also available, measuring 20"x71" ( black, white and beige only ).

All non slip fabric colors are shown below:

4644/4643 non slip fabric




non slip fabric blue




non slip fabric beige



Warm Gray 1/1015

non slip fabric red




non slip fabric white




non slip fabric black





Non Slip Fabric Application

Surfaces Around the Home

Non slip fabric can be used for many slip preventing applications around the home. It can be used on bedside tables, dining tables, under mattresses, under rugs. Adding it to all these places decreases the likelihood of objects falling, or slipping out of place.

Production Lines

Electronics are vulnerable as soon as they are brought into existence, but getting them to the customer in full working order is vital to ensure good business. Anti slip fabric can be used as an anti static material to transport electronics through the production process, with a cushioned surface to help protect them from damage also. Using cost effective products and materials to protect more expensive items through production and transport, as well as through their use, is an efficient method.

h4644 non slip fabricOur range of non slip fabrics can be offered in so many different ways.  We normally produce master rolls at 300’ long, the length can vary with our most popular being 60’.  Widths are upto 59”, any width in-between can be produced allowing total roll versatility.  Die cut shapes are easily produced, our 40 ton press is web feed and allows for inexpensive and accurate shapes to be rapidly created.  For smaller volume applications it is easy to create your own shapes; simply cut to size using any good quality scissors or kraft knife.  For larger enquiries we are happy to discuss creating in your individual color, grade etc.

To order products, samples or to enquire further, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.