OSHA Regulations for Floor Marking

When marking your facility, it is crucial to follow OSHA’s guidelines to increase safety, awareness and general workflow. OSHA, the Occupation Safety and Health Admi­nis­tra­tion, is an agency that strives to ensure “safe and healthful working conditions”.permastripe smooth A common miscon­cep­tion among the industry is that your floor marking solutions must have a minimum thickness. This is not true, as several facilities use paints and other thinner tapes to mark isles. Although paints have an exceptional appeal at first, they tend to wear off after short periods of time, creating more work to keep up with the painting. We found that lying down our floor marking tapes has increased safety over longer periods of time, whilst still keeping up with our OSHA standards. It is recommended that warehouse line marking solutions be anywhere from 2”-6” in width, with 2” being measured as the most acceptable. It’s very important to read through OSHA’s standards and regulations for your floor marking solutions as following these guidelines can benefit your industry in more ways than one.

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