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Product code ROUT
• Self adhesive aisle marking system
• Colored or printed
• Tough, clear top laminate
• Cut to any shape – stock and custom designs
• Roll widths available from 1" up to 46" wide

Line marking does not come any better than PermaRoute. PermaRoute® is the complete line marking system. We wanted to achieve something unique. We produce the world’s toughest floor marking tape, we are proud that our products have no equal. An increasing part of our sales is producing corners, angles, feet etc we soon realised that customers not only want straight lines but also need associated shapes to enable them to create a complete line marking solution. Operators of high quality production and logistic sites want their location to be efficient, high quality floor marking systems create the correct impression and aid 5S procedures.

PermaStripe® is the original heavy duty line marking material but can only be produced in a maximum width of 250mm. We produce each roll of PermaStripe® individually; they are extruded resulting in the maximum width restriction. PermaRoute® is constructed completely differently, we take two very thick plastic films and bring them together, and each roll of finished PermaRoute® is an incredible 0.03”! One of the many advantages of PermaRoute® is that we produce it in a very wide width; due to the machinery that we possess it allows us to create almost any size or shape option. The sizes and shapes can come together to allow each customer the ability to create their own bespoke warehouse system. Straight lines seamlessly flow into 45° angles, large pedestrian symbols appear on the floor, color choices show reject areas, all of this and more is possible with PermaRoute®.

 If the hazard chevron line marking color is chosen (black/yellow or red/white) the pattern is completely protected underneath a tough clear protective layer preventing it being scratched or damaged. We choose industry standard 5S colors making it easy for customers to create their perfect production or logistical environment. On request we can produce to any Pantone or RAL reference dependent on minimum order quantities.

If applying larger quantities of PermaRoute we recommend our custom designed applicator, the machine is specifically designed to fit comfortably in its own transpor­ta­tion box that can be sent on UPS or FedEx. The applicator is either sold or hired (rentals vary dependent on state); it is very easy to use and enables you to apply lines at walking speed. The gearing system automatically removes the protective backing film.

We are always happy to send samples of PermaRoute, we prefer that people see just how good our material is. Please enquire.

yellow/black permaroute

107/9005 & 1018

red/white permaroute


green white permaroute


black white permaroute


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black permaroute



green permaroute


blue permaroute


white permaroute


fluorescent yellow permaroute


red permaroute