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Skateboard & Longboard Grip Tape

Product code: GRIP

  • Various surfaces available
  • High quality, built for performance
  • For skateboards, scooters and longboards
  • Available in sheets or rolls
  • Overview
  • Video
  • Colours

Whether you are skating, scootering or longboarding, we know that each person has their own preference, so they may all want something different. Most of the skateboard grip tape we manufacture is the black standard grade, this material is reliable and hard-wearing, thanks to our no-budget attitude when it comes to making our tapes, we use thick grit levels with a high-quality adhesive, because of the many requirements different people have, we offer many varieties to solve your dilemma, no matter your discipline.

Conventional Skateboard Grip-Tape

Our grip tape has a fine 80 grit finish to ensure great control whilst on the board. A wide range of colors are available.

We also manufacture 60 grit tape for people who want enhanced grip and control.

Years of research as grip tape manufacturers have gone into making a product which meets all the demands that a top-quality skateboard grip possesses.


Heskins produces a material which was widely demanded by our customers, Heskins aerated grip-tape. We create this by using a rotary tool to insert small micro-pores in the material, these press through to the backing liner, this leaves the consumer certain that no air bubbles will lift their newly bought skateboard grip-tape, because when an air bubble forms all the user has to do is stand on the board, this will displace the air through the small pores, leaving a flat and high gripped surface. We think that an aerated solution is best suited for those who do not have much experience in applying grip-tape to a skate deck.

Aerated silicon carbide grip tape can now be slit 3/4″ up to 46″, down to 1/2″ for special requirements.

Heat Resistant Grip-Tape for Longboards

Heskins realises that longboards need a different kind of care, and are placed into a special area in the skateboarding world, as the longboard rider has completely different needs to a skateboard rider. A longboarder spends much more time on the board then a skateboarder, during this time their feet will be making small and precise adjustments to improve the ride of the board, during these movements a lot of friction is generated, this creates heat, a heat so bad that it will melt through conventional plastics, and now Heskins LLC has found the solution. Our longboard grip tape has been made completely heat resistant, we use a deeper grip coating, likened to our X-Coarse material, to prevent the slipping and sliding of feet and allow it to withstand high temperatures.

Why Choose Heskins LLC?

  • No compromise on quality. Durable tape with great adhesion.
  • A wide range of colors available.
  • 2 grit types available.
  • Our reseller service allows you to receive your products however you like!
  • Specific longboard grip tape, tailor-made to excel at its function.

If you require more information, or simply want to place an order, speak to us right now via phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete the Make an Enquiry form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We would love to hear from you.

Application of Heskins Skateboard Grip Tape to a Skateboard Deck


Pantone / RAL
Black U / 9004
Average LRV


Light Reflectance Values

Product code Color Av. LRV Range
GRIP_N Black 2.62 1.68

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