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Product code: FLOOR

  • Cost-effective line marking tape
  • Hi-viz color range available
  • Easy to apply
  • Ready for service immediately

Tapeline floor warning tape is a durable, self-adhesive, PVC floor tape, suitable for easily marking aisleways, bays, stairs, ledges and more. The vibrant color print makes it is very easy to see and will ensure vital areas are clearly marked out.

Unlike line marking paint or other line marking solutions, this material is very quick and easy to apply. The strong adhesive applied to a clean and dry area will leave you with an efficient and durable line marking solution. PVC floor tape is a suitable alternative to paint, as the ease of application and removal, if necessary, puts it head and shoulders above any painted line marking solution. Paint requires lengthy downtime to apply and dry, meaning lost productivity and revenue, add the fumes paint gives off, which also reduces the areas where it can be applied. Tapeline carries no such downsides, simply clean the area of application, apply floor warning tape and immediately you have a durable, visible line marking solution in your warehouse or restaurant kitchen, which can also be easily removed leaving no stubborn marks that are hard to remove, and could make future optimisation plans difficult.

For the best application possible, we recommend using our application accessories to aid with the application, these products will guarantee a stable surface were Tapelines strong self-adhesive backing will apply in the most efficient way.

Tapeline PVC floor tape comes in a variety of strong and vibrant colors, making the material very visible.

Tapeline floor warning tape is available in rolls measuring 2”x98ft for immediate dispatch and full-width logs measuring 51″x98ft (except red/white).

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