Reflective Railcar Tape Now Available from Heskins LLC

reflective railcar tapeReflective railcar tape is a safety tape with high reflective values, produced for the purpose of applying to rolling stock to increase their visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and reducing the severity of them if they are to occur. Due to the reflective properties which are twice the recommended specifi­cations, this heightens reaction times, reducing the possibility of a severe accident occurring.

FRA 224 Reflective railcar conspicuity tape, using a base of metalized microp­ris­matic DOT tape can be viewed from all front facing viewing angles in dawn, dusk or at night, with performances not affected by impacts and resistant to washing even by pressure washers due to it’s 10 year performance rating.

Easily applied in all temperatures due to it’s high-tack adhesive, edge fixing is also not required as it is not prone to edge-lift.

It is now available at Heskins LLC in yellow or white in sizes of 4” x 150ft, with an option of it being kiss-cut every 18 inches as well as 4” x 18 inch pre-cut strips.

For more information on FRA 224 reflective rail car tape, please visit the website or alter­natively speak to the sales team directly  by phone or live chat, or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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