Reflective Tape

H6601A Reflective Red&White Tape 50mm web
  • H6601A Reflective Red&White Tape 50mm web
  • H6601B-Reflective-Blue-Tape-25mm-360
  • H6601B Reflective Blue Tape 50mm web
  • H6601D Reflective Black & Yellow Tape 50mm web
  • H6601O Reflective Orange Tape 50mm web
  • H6601R Reflective Red Tape 50mm web
  • H6601V Reflective Green Tape 50mm web
  • H6601W Reflective White Tape 50mm web
  • H6601Y Reflective Yellow Tape 50mm web
Product code REF
• Mark out hazardous objects and areas
• Various colours available
• Roll widths from 1/2" to 48"

Heskins reflective tape is a glass bead, engineering grade, self-adhesive high visibility tape. Suitable for marking out potentially hazardous or dangerous areas, it can be effectively used in any environment, and takes minutes to apply.

We can offer reflective safety tape in widths anywhere from ½ inch to 4ft, but as always, dependant on quantity, we can cater to your requ­ire­ments. The lengths of these rolls can be 33ft or 150ft.  All the colors mentioned above are stocked in large quantities, so can be shipped immediately, and samples are available on request.

Left and Right Hand Versions

At Heskins, we offer right hand and left hand versions of our reflective hazard tape. The right hand variant is on the right and the left hand variant is on the left.

We can offer left and right hand variants of our reflective hazard tape in as many sizes as our solid color reflective marking tape.

We can offer left and right hand variants of our reflective hazard tape in as many sizes as our solid color reflective marking tape.

Bespoke Reflective Tape

For resellers we can offer a host of options, due to our production conversion machines we can offer shorter rolls of reflective tape, bespoke retail packs, specific core sizes and any other specifics you would like.

Reflective marking tape can also be printed on, so 24’ rolls can be produced to accommodate most machines in the industry sector

Heskins reflective safety tape is coated with a permanent high visibility adhesive layer, which allows for a long term bond, which will not break down in hazardous or testing conditions. A paper backing liner is applied to protect the PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) prior to application.

If you would like to make an enquiry or place an order, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site, we would love to hear from you.

Reflective Tape Colors

Reflective marking tape is now available in self-adhesive rolls in the following colors:

Colour reference codes are listed as Pantone/RAL and SKU's are listed below these.

reflective tape yellow


reflective safety tape red

Warm Red U/3020


reflective tape green


reflective tape blue


reflective tape orange


reflective tape white



reflective tape red white

Red/White Hazard
Warm Red U &427U­/3020 & 7035

reflective tape black yellow hazard

Yellow/Black Hazard
Black & 116U/9017 & 1006

reflective tape orange


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