How can Heskins help you meet regulatory standards?

Heskins want to ensure you that all technical information is available to you regarding regulatory standards should you need it. As a large-scale manufacturer of anti slip tape and floor marking materials we take our respon­sibi­lities to you very seriously. We want to inform and advise you as to guarantee that not only do you meet Federal regulations but also conform to best industry practices. We work proactively with the relevant authorities to make sure that Heskins as a company and all of our staff are informed of all latest developments that allow you to take advantage of our in-depth and up to date knowledge that we have acquired through never ending efforts.

OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23

OSHA is a wide-reaching regulation which has many implications. As one of the leading regulators in the USA, it impacts every company and organization operating in America. Heskins LLC can reassure you and provide advice on the implications of OSHA standards and how Heskins range of anti slip tape exceeds all current regulatory standards.

Heskins have certificates of conformity which can be provided with every delivery of non slip tape if necessary to confirm the levels of CoF ( coefficient of friction ) attained. This will help to ensure youy of full compliance with OSHA when purchasing anti slip products from Heskins LLC.

Americans with Disabilities Act 2008

Prescriptive law has far reaching implications for all businesses and orga­niza­tions. Heskins will ensure you receive the minimum anti-slip tape coefficient of friction requirements for parts 4.5, 4.35.4 and 10.3.2. Heskins in-depth knowledge of this legislation is unsurpassed.

United States Access Board, ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines

Heskins knowledge will help your organization meet the standards of 302.1 with Heskins anti slip tape.

US Defense Standards (MIL-SPEC)

With MIL-17951 and MIL-5044 being cancelled, Heskins LLC can provide the correct advice and anti slip tape to help you meet MIL-PRF-24667.

National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

Heskins LLC have had their products independently approved by the National Floor Safety Institute ( NFSI ), of which we are very proud. NFSI approval provides you, the customer with peace of mind that Heskins products have been correctly tested. For more information you can visit

For more information on regulations, you can contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help. Contact them by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.