Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

H3435N Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tap Black 50mm web
  • H3435N Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tap Black 50mm web
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  • H3435N-Ribbed-Rubber-Anti-Slip-Tap-Black-50mm-360
  • ribbed-rubber-anti-slip-tape-close-up-in-tray
Product code RIBB
• Rubber feel, but a more consistent quality
• Allows for drainage

Heskins second symmetrical non abrasive rubber grip tape, H3435 ribbed rubber grip tape is a new innovation in non abrasive anti slip products, it’s ribbed finish allow for easy dispersion of water to ensure a non slip surface that is suitable for under water use, or to rest items on, such as in a toolbox, to prevent tools being submerged and damaged.

We construct our non abrasive rubber non slip tape from plastic to ensure consistent levels of quality. Items such as rubber and cork, while effective, have incon­sis­ten­cies that can cause problems when trying to add adhesives, as even small differences could cause failure. Manipulation in the production process gives it a rubber-like finish, but with the dimensional stability of plastic, ensuring a consistently high quality product, indis­tin­gu­is­hable from all others.

H3435 is a very thick anti slip material, with the film being so deep, we apply extra adhesive to it’s base to ensure high levels of adhesion to ensure it performs sufficiently wherever it is applied, underwater included. ( please note, the area has to be dry while the product is applied. Once applied the area can be re-submerged. )



Applying ribbed rubber grip tape to the the surface of a toolbox to rest your tools on, not only raise them from the surface to prevent liquid and debris from staying in contact, but also provide a non slip surface to stop your tools sliding around, preventing unnecessary damage and prolonging the lifespan.


Oil and water spillages are common occurances in a garage, causing surfaces to become slippy, and contaminents to build up on the surface, increasing risks further. Ribbed rubber anti slip tape can be applied to surfaces, allowing water and oils to disperse and an anti slip surface to remain. Due to it being non porous, unlike concrete, oil and other other contaminents can be easily cleaned away.

Application Durability

Application must be made on clean, dry surfaces. You can use a cleaner if it helps to remove any grease. We have an alcohol based cleaner available, which is the most suitable for use, as once dry it leaves no films or residues, giving you the best surface to allow your adhesive to bond fully. Porous surfaces would benefit being sealed, to prevent moisture from having a detrimental impact on the adhesive. Once applied, you can increase durability of the application further by using edge fix, which prevents edge lift. Full details of our application accessories can be found in our application accessories section.

H3435 ribbed rubber non slip tape is available in rolls, sheets or die cuts for immediate dispatch. Dependent on order quantity, custom options are possible. Any color, size or shape can be made and we are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

To enquire or order, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us page on the site. We would love to hear from you.

Watch our video here to see how to apply ribbed rubber grip tape to a toolbox.

Regulations and Certi­fica­tions

Below is a table denoting what regulations ribbed rubber anti slip tape meets and what certs, if any, are available.

Certi­fica­tions and Regulations Regulation Met?/Cert Available?
OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23
CoF Standards for Americans with Disabilities Act 2008
NFSI Certification

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