Slow Moving Vehicle Stickers

Product code SMV
• Warns other drivers of speed restrictions to vehicle
• Easy to apply
• UV resistant
• Virtually impact proof

Slow moving vehicle stickers are simple, yet effective in alerting other drivers that you are in a slow moving vehicle. They consist of a red triangle with the corners cut off, which border an orange, fluorescent vinyl trangle. A permanent self adhesive is applied to the back to ensure a firm application to virtually any clean, dry and non porous surface

The Department of Transpor­ta­tion request by law that if the vehicle you are travelling in can not exceed 40 km/h, a slow moving vehicle decal must be applied to your vehicle. It could be an independent vehicle, or a vehicle towing a trailer, caravan or other vehicle, or even construction vehicles or large trucks. Whatever your transpor­ta­tion it must have a slow moving vehicle sticker applied to the rear.

Our own decals are made from our red DOT tape, ensuring a high quality, reflective surface which is UV resistant and virtually impact proof, providing many years of service life.

Before application, we recommend you clean the surface with our alcohol based IPA cleaner, to ensure anything dirt or grease that could potentially cause the adhesive to fail, is removed. This will leave you with a perfect, durable application.

Dependent on order quantity, we can offer our slow moving vehicle decals in custom options too.

If you would like to discuss slow moving vehicle stickers further, place an order, or enquire about custom creations, you can contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on this site. Our friendly sales team look forward to hearing from you.