Stainless Steel Anti Slip Plates

bolt down stainless steel anti slip platesBolt down anti slip plates are the perfect choice for areas that are not suitable for anti-slip tape application. Areas that are loose or constantly exposed to moisture are not surfaces that an adhesive can effectively bond with. Bolt down anti slip plates are affixed to a surface using screws, nails or bolts, giving you an efficient anti-slip surface. With these fixings, anti-slip plates can be fitted and removed as required or left permanently.

The general and most popular choice in plate for Heskins Safety Grip to be applied to is aluminum, therefore we produce our plates ready for off the shelf supply in this material. However, with requests for bolt down plates for marine application growing increasingly popular, we could not suggest aluminum as a suitable material choice for plates in this application. As aluminum would be subject to relatively fast corrosion in salt water, we needed a more resilient alternative.

304SS stainless steel was an obvious first place to start for tests as we knew and as it was proven holds up a great deal in fresh water and for extended times in salt water than compared to aluminum. The chromium in stainless steel gives it improved corrosion resistance. For application in salt water, 316L stainless steel would be recommended due to it’s content of molybdenum, as this enhances corrosion-resistance for environments exposed to saline or chlorine. We will not be stocking 316L plates, but on request and dependent on order quantity we can produce them. They come with a greater initial outlay, but overall less than if you were to choose 304 for this situation.

4.5” x 25” 304SS bolt down anti slip plates are now available from Heskins LLC for immediate dispatch. Please speak to the sales team via phone or live chat or alter­natively fill out the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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