TackyGrip: A Better Alternative for Surfers

Make way, new product coming through! Heskins has recently come up with a new product known as TackyGrip. TackyGrip comes in two variations: 3470 self-adhesive and 3471 non-adhesive. This material is intended for several uses, but this article is specifically discusses using our new self-adhesive grip tape for Watersports including, but not limited to Surfing, Wakeboarding and skim boarding. Typically, most surfboards are coated with a natural or synthetic wax to provide traction while the surfer is paddling out or riding a wave. But what if I told you we had an alternative solution that is more appealing to the eye, leaves no residue on your hands or wetsuit and has an extremely easy application process?! That’s right, our new 3470 self-adhesive TackyGrip does all of that! While wax can create a non slip property, it often times leaves a sticky residue on your hands after applying to the surf or skim board. Our latest TackyGrip material has a backing liner with an extremely strong adhesive that has a “one and done” application process. You simply peel off the back liner, apply the tape to the place of your desire and you’re done! Just like our other products, 3470 does still need to be applied to a clean and dry surface. Wax can also be affected by temperature. This often causes you, the consumer, to have to purchase several different tubs of wax for each weather condition. There are also several different waxes made for different water temperatures – this can get pricey. One great feature about 3470 is that it won’t be poorly affected by any weather type or temperature. Its high UV stability allows for an extended amount of sunlight to hit the material, and yet it will not develop any discoloration or mutating. If you’re a regular surfer, you know how expensive surfing gear can be. You want to get the most out of it before it’s time to shop again. Many times, surfboard and skim board wax, once applied, will cause discoloration to clothing and engrain into the neoprene wetsuit. But good news! There’s no need to worry about that with the TackyGrip. This material will leave no mess on your wetsuit. Our product is great for keeping your gear in great condition for longer periods of time. Our 3470 TackyGrip material is manufactured with aesthetic appeal in mind. Its translucency allows you to still clearly see the design, logo and/or colors on the board you’ve spent so much time and money on. As a manufacturer and a supplier to the trade, we only produce 3470 to supply resellers and wholesale manufacturers of surfboards. We can customize packaging and labeling, along with custom fabrication of TackyGrip. If you are an end user looking for surfboard traction pads then it would be best to contact to your local surf shop or favorite surfboard supplies website to enquire about 3470 TackyGrip. If you are a reseller or manufacturer who would be interested in ordering or sampling either our self-adhesive or non-adhesive material, you can contact us by email, phone, live chat or the contact form on the website.