TackyGrip used as Rug Liner

Many of our Anti Slip materials have multiple uses and TackyGrip is no exception. As it is a newer material of ours, we are constantly working to find applications that can put our products to good use. Our most recent innovation uses our TackyGrip as an indoor rug liner. TackyGrip can be stuck to the undersurface of the rug. This will ensure that your rug will not move around, potentially causing slip and fall accidents. This rubber-like material has the ability to adhere to many surfaces which makes this application possible. Because it is constructed with a cushioned surface, there is no chance it will cause premature wear and tear on your rug. One of our favorite benefits of using TackyGrip rather than a non-adhesive Rug Pad is that because the material adheres to the bottom of the rug, it will stay in place. It will not poke out of the rug if it is kicked or shuffled around. If at any time you would chose to move your rug’s location, you will not have to bother with both pieces as the tape has impeccable adhesive qualities and will stay with the rug as it is relocated. Its thin construction does not allow for a bulky appearance under the rug. It will have no detrimental impact on aesthetics, but will still successfully perform its duty as a safety solution for an extended period of time. We understand that rugs come in numerous shapes and sizes and that is why TackyGrip is available in various size rolls to suit your needs. To sample TackyGrip, place an order or if you have general inquiries, please contact our friendly sales team via telephone, email, or through the contact form on our website.  
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