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Welcome one and welcome all! We are proud to announce the launch of our new site. As Heskins LLC, we have wanted to improve our online operations for quite sometime, but have simply been too busy to do so. We found a window of opportunity late last year to create a new website, and with a clone of heskins.com, online operations for our UK sister company, Heskins Ltd, we managed to reduce time and create a new, improved website to leave our old site in the dust. With this site, we now have an improved layout and room for expansion. We also have a new blog, which you are reading right now! This will allow us to keep you updated with news regarding new products, machines and other innovations. We also need to make sure that you agree that this site is an improvement also, so with that in mind, we want your feedback. We always welcome comments, good or bad from our customers, to help us improve, so any feedback from you guys is always welcome. Brick Web are the team have yet again done an outstanding job on creating a website to cater for our needs, and we send them our thanks.        

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