X-Coarse Safety Grip Meets NFSI Phase 2 Certi­fica­tion

NFSIExtra-coarse Safety Grip is the most abrasive anti-slip tape that we produce, with huge aluminium oxide granules applied to the surface, creating high peaks and deep valleys. These features allow for X-coarse Safety Grip to be used as slip prevention in demanding external areas exposed to dirt or snow & ice. The high peaks and deep valleys prevent the surface being clogged by the aforem­en­tioned substances, ensuring constantly effective anti-slip performance.

Recently, X-coarse Safety Grip has been given NFSI ‘Phase 2’ certi­fica­tion. ‘Phase 2’ refers to a more detailed form of Coefficient of Friction that not only tests the anti-slip properties but the durability of the material. The ‘Phase 2’ is known as the ‘Sustainable Slip Resistance’ test. This guarantees X-coarse Safety Grips performance in some of the harshest envi­ron­mental conditions in a commercial/­industrial environment.

We offer our NFSI ‘Phase 2’ certi­fica­tion for download on the X-coarse Safety Grip tech specs page, as well as in our download suite for all registered users.

Should you wish to sign up for the download suite, which includes hi-res photos, datasheets, MSDS, certi­fica­tion and print-ready marketing materials, you can get inquire with us via the contact us form.

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