Application Accessories

Porous Surface Primer

porous surface primerWhen applying onto surfaces that are porous (wood, concrete, stone, marble etc) we strongly recommend that the surface is sealed prior to application. As our anti slip and marking tapes are self-adhesive and not a mechanical fixing, they require a stable substrate to adhere onto, on a porous surface moisture can travel through to the surface, this moisture can then lift the film. Primer helps to create a stable surface. Simply brush down (only onto the area where you will be applying the non slip stair treads) like paint; it typically dries in 10~30 minutes dependent on application temperature and surface type. We offer the primer in either 34 fluid ounce (our most popular size) or 17 fluid ounce, a 34 fl oz container seals 50 square feet whilst 17 fl oz seals 25 square feet of our non slip stair treads.

Edge Fix Sealer

edge fixFor use in heavily traffic areas or where there might be a lot of impact at sharp angles (for example one of our non slip stair treads on a stair nosing with high heels impacting onto the sides) we recommend edge fix sealer. Edge fix is applied onto both the substrate and the tape, it then shrinks into place effectively pressing dragging the material into place and holding it firm. The edge fix dispenser has an appearance similar to a large toothpaste tube; our nozzle is very fine and allows accurate dispensation. Only a small amount is required for our non slip stair treads, just enough to touch tape and substrate (only use AFTER application not before). Edge fix sealer dries in around 10~15 minutes. One 5 fl oz tube seals 120 linear feet of non slip stair treads.

Keying Agent

heskins keying agentKeying agent is used to combat low energy surfaces. Self-adhesive bases are all liquid based and therefore need to 'wet out'. This term is used for the liquid to move over the surface and grip/stick to it. With low energy surfaces, the surface is far smoother, with reduced friction. This means a reduction in energy on the surface and the less chance of an effective bond. Keying agent in small amounts applied to low energy surfaces help to create the energy required and ensure an effective bond between anti slip or floor marking tape and surface. PUR and PP surfaces are seen as common low energy surfaces, and a small amount of Heskins keying agent will make sure that the application is an effective one.

Heskins keying agent is available in small 4 fl oz bottles, due to the small amount required per application.

IPA Surface Cleaner

ipa surface cleanerIPA is a very versatile surface cleaning product. As a company we prefer IPA over specific degreasers, not only is it cheaper but due to its pure composition it does not leave behind a greasy residue that can affect the adherence of non slip stair treads. We recommend using a clean dry cloth then wiping in one direction on the surface, the reason why we prefer this to simply wiping in a windshield wiper motion is that the IPA will not destroy contaminants it simply lifts them and deposits them elsewhere so a simply one direction wipe will mean that they are left where you lift the cloth off. Supplied in a 34 fluid ounce container.

Pressure Roller

seam rollerOur non slip stair treads are self-adhesive, self-adhesive tapes need pressure to activate the adhesive and ensure that you receive the best bond possible. Pressure rollers are a simple and cheap mechanical object that enables you to achieve the perfect application.

Once you use the pressure roller, you can ensure that all air bubbles are removed from underneath the material that could tear and cause the material to fail.


Rubber Mallet

rubber malletWhen applying conformable traction tape, some help may be required to help conform and adhere to the application surface. Apply the material to the surface, then gently hammer it to conform to the application surface. A rubber head securely attached to a wooden handle. The rubber head has a good weight to it, but is soft as to not damage the material. 



squeegeeHeskins produced a squeegee to help with the application of conspicuity DOT tape, as it will remove any air bubbles trapped underneath the tape. The squeegee is a reusable tool, produced from a firm, ABS resin, to ensure it will not break under pressure, but will have a nice flex so to not tear the material. The squeegee is also recommended in the application of reflective marking tape.


Heskins "Application Accessories" are easily applied, for a guide or some helpful tips, view our video below!

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