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Heskins Instructional Videos

Heskins instruc­tional videos here are created to guide you in the installation of our anti-slip products. We strongly believe that seeing and hearing the methods is a certain way to ensuring the installer achieves an effective application.

We are pro-active in our creation of instruc­tional videos, however, if there are any you would like to be created, then please contact us.

Different Ways to Apply Handrail Grip Tape YouTube Description

Handrail grip tape is primarily applied to handrails to enhance grip while protecting hands from cold railings. It ensures users can navigate stairs safely and comfortably. This video demonstrates the optimal method for applying handrail grip tape, including the items you'll need for a perfect result. Our handrail tape is non-abrasive, so it won't harm your skin.

How to Apply Anti-Slip Tape to Checkered Plates and Durbar

When it comes to applying anti-slip tape to checkered plates or Durbar, you need specialized non-slip tape that can conform to irregular surfaces without any memory effect. While the pattern on metal is intended to add slip protection, these slip-resistant surfaces can ironically become more hazardous when wet. That's why we recommend covering checkered plates and Durbar with our Conformable non-slip tape from Heskins.

How To Apply Glow in the Dark Tape

Ideal for various applications, Heskins glow-in-the-dark tape enhances safety around the clock. This tape utilizes photoluminescent powder to create a powerful glow in dark conditions, offering a visible safety solution even during a power outage. Heskins photoluminescent tape charges in natural or artificial light sources, so you can rely on it to glow brightly when the lights go out.

How to Repair Anti-Slip Tape and Perma Family Tape

In this video, we demonstrate how to effectively and correctly repair our tapes in the unlikely event of damage. Our tape products are crafted from robust materials designed for longevity, but we've created this video just in case you ever need it!

How to Remove Heskins Anti-Slip Tape

Removing Heskins anti-slip tape can be quite a challenge, thanks to our highly effective strong adhesive that keeps the tape securely in place for years. Fortunately, we've discovered the most efficient way to remove non-slip tape. Use this video as a helpful guide.

How to Clean Anti-Slip Tape

Cleaning anti-slip tape is crucial to restore the non-slip properties of Heskins tape. Mud and other contaminants can clog the grit granules, reducing the tape's non-slip effectiveness. For areas frequently exposed to dirt, Extra Coarse tape with a lower grit level is a smart choice. Additionally, mud can affect the tape's reflectivity or photoluminescent qualities.

How to Install Bolt Down Non-Slip Plates

Heskins bolt-down anti-slip plates offer an excellent solution for areas where regular adhesive grip tape might not be suitable, such as constantly wet or uneven surfaces like wooden decking. Crafted from weatherproof aluminum, these plates are built to withstand harsh conditions without tarnishing or deteriorating.

How to Apply Floor Markers, ColorCovers, and Safety Signs

At Heskins, we offer a range of floor signs and warehouse markers, including some with anti-slip properties and others that glow in the dark. Our floor markers and warehouse signs play a critical role in enhancing safety in your workplace by clearly conveying essential messages and safety guidelines. In this video, we walk you through the application process to ensure the longevity of these signs.

How to Apply Anti-Slip Tape to Porous External Surfaces

When it comes to applying anti-slip tape on external or porous surfaces, a few extra steps are necessary to ensure product longevity. Our Surface Primer serves as a moisture barrier, preventing any interference with the bond between the porous surface and the adhesive layer of the anti-slip tape. This is crucial for reducing slip and fall incidents in both residential and workplace settings.

The Three Grades of Line Marking Tape

Heskins anti-slip tape plays a crucial role in enhancing safety by providing grip and reducing the risk of slips and falls. We offer three distinct grades of Safety-Grip tape, each tailored to specific needs. While Standard, Coarse, and Extra Coarse Safety-Grip tapes share similarities, they offer varying levels of grip and benefits for different applications.