Safety Grip™

safety grip anti skid tape Our Safety Grip™ anti skid tape is second to none. The original anti slip tape we started with, manufactured to the highest quality using the latest production methods, to ensure a consistency of quality throughout. Heskins first developed this durable, effective slip prevention and even today it remains our most popular.

We supply non skid tape to business and the public alike, offering a large range of colors, sizes and shapes, with the option of custom lengths to suit your needs.

We produce Safety Grip™ in 3 grades:

  • Standard - 60 grit, ideal for general use.
  • Coarse - 36 grit, ideal for industrial use.
  • X-coarse - 30 grit, for tough outdoor applications that are subject to extreme weather and mud.

We achieve these grades by using different sized aluminium oxide granules, resin bonded to a plastic backing which has a strong, self adhesive coating applied to it.

Safety Grip™ anti skid tape can be applied to most surfaces, instantly providing an anti slip surface which is ready to walk on.

Stair nosing

safety grip anti slip tape on stairs

Stairs cause many injuries in the workplace and at home, due to mis-stepping and slipping down, or even up. Applying Safety Grip™ non skid tape to the stair nosing would create a non skid surface along the edge to ensure a good grip when ascending or descending stair ways.

You can also use our range of non abrasive non skid tape to create stair nosing that will increase the safety of your stairways.

Construction Machinery

Safety Grip Non Skid TapeConstruction machinery usually requires a bit of climbing, either up steps or ladders to get into the cabin to operate, and a lot of the time, the footplates are made from smooth metal, which doesn't have the best gripping surface. Applied in strips or cut shapes to each surface guarantees a sure footing when climbing in or out of construction machinery.

For more demanding construction environments, we recommend our X-coarse 30 grit variant, which will prevent mud and dust covering the non skid tape and having a detrimental effect.

Application is simple and easy, just apply to a clean, dry surface and it is ready to use immediately.

We stock a range of application accessories that can be used to increase the application efficiency and prolong the performance of our anti skid tape.

We carry various sized rolls in stock, ranging from 1" inch to 46" in width ( 48" in black ) and up to 60 feet in length. We can produce various rolls from .5" in width, and many die cuts can also be produced. Dependent on order quantity, we can produce a full anti slip solution in any color ( matching pantone or RAL references ), size or shape.

Our standard color range is:

black standard anti slip tape

Black ( 3 grades )

blue safety grip


brown anti skid tape


clear non slip tape


green anti slip tape


yellow anti slip tape

Yellow ( 2 Grades )

red safety grip


orange anti slip tape


fluorescent yellow anti slip tape

Fluorescent Yellow

white anti slip tape


beige standard


reddish brown standard


gray non slip tape


glow in the dark safety grip tape

Glow in the Dark

hazard glow in the dark anti slip tape

Hazard Glow in the Dark

glow stripe anti slip tape

Glow Stripe

red white hazard non slip tape

Red/White Hazard

black yellow hazard anti slip tape

Black/Yellow Hazard

vivid hazard anti slip tape

Vivid Hazard


We have other variations, which can be viewed below.


For further information about the different grades of Safety Grip Heskins offers, please watch the video below!

To enquire further or order our Safety Grip™ anti skid tape, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.