Microp­ris­matic DOT Tape

  • micro-prismatic-dot-tape
  • micro-prismatic-dot-tape
Product code DOT
• Concentrates light reflection
• Reflects for greater distances
• Can have a retro-reflective performance up to 10 years

Microp­ris­matic DOT tape is different from glass bead DOT tape, as its surface is covered in man-made, 3 point prisms instead of glass beads. This makes microp­ris­matic DOT tape a more specific, high intensity, long distance light reflection tape. Its surface is covered in accurate, man-made, 3 point prisms, and when the light bends and reflects inside these, it returns 80% of the light straight back to the source, making the reflection much brighter.

When maintained properly, microp­ris­matic DOT tape can have a retro-reflective performance up to 10 years! Please note, this is not a guarantee performance lengths will vary dependent on your maintenance routines.

It is this level of performance that makes micro-prismatic DOT tape the preferred choice of OEMs.

Metalized & Sealed Microp­ris­matic DOT Tape

Heskins offer two variants of the microp­ris­matic DOT tape; metalized and sealed.  The differences are subtle, but are vital pieces of information to help you decide between the two.

Sealed Microp­ris­matic DOT Tape

  • White appearance
  • More rigid
  • Slightly higher reflective levels

Metalized Microp­ris­matic DOT Tape

  • Silver appearance
  • Thinner material
  • More pliable

While we mention that the sealed microp­ris­matic DOT tape has slightly higher reflective levels, the difference is minor.


We offer rolls of microp­ris­matic DOT tapes in sizes of 2”x150ft off the shelf, as this is the most common and recommended width of application for DOT tape on vehicles. The red/white DOT tape is available with 6”x6” red/white sections and the other with 7” white and 11” red sections.

Microp­ris­matic Tapes

Heskins also offer  a full color range of microp­ris­matic reflective sheeting, these plain color rolls do not carry a certification stamp like our DOT materials enabling them to be used for signage, vehicle wraps and barriers.

For more information on microp­ris­mastic DOT tape, or to order, please contact the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

Microp­ris­matic DOT tapes



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Microp­ris­matic Tapes

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