Sealed Microp­ris­matic Reflective DOT Tape

sealed microprismatic dot tape
  • sealed microprismatic dot tape
  • sealed microprismatic dot tape flat
  • sealed microprismatic dot tape red
  • sealed microprismatic dot tape white
Product code DOT
• Concentrates light reflection
• Reflects for greater distances
• Can have a retro-reflective performance up to 10 years

Sealed microp­ris­matic DOT tape utilises microprism technology to create exceptional retro­ref­lective performance. The surface is covered in man-made, accurate 3-point lenses. When the light bends and reflects inside of these, they return appro­ximately 80% of the light reflected directly back to the source.

This results in sealed microp­ris­matic DOT tape being a more specific, high intensity, long distance light reflection tape.

With correct levels of maintenance, sealed microp­ris­matic DOT tape can have retro-reflective performances up to 10 years. Please note, this is not a guarantee as performance lengths do vary dependent on your maintenance routines.

Sealed microp­ris­matic DOT tape has the following benefits:

  • White appearance
  • More rigid construction
  • Slightly higher reflective levels (compared to metalized)

For metalized microp­ris­matic DOT tape features, you can visit the web page here.

While we mention sealed microp­ris­matic DOT tape has slightly higher reflective levels, the difference is minor.


Sealed microp­ris­matic DOT tape is available in sizes of 2” x 150ft in 6”x6” and 7”x11” red/white options.

If you are interested in your branding being printed onto your microp­ris­matic​ tape, then please visit our custom DOT tape page for more information.

For samples of sealed microp­ris­matic reflective tape or to place an order, you can contact our sales team by phone or live chat. Alter­natively fill out our contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.