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Anti-slip tape

​At Heskins® LLC, we can offer you the widest range of anti-slip tape and non-slip tape in America, offering various widths, lengths, shapes, colors and grades, you can be sure that we have the right anti-slip solution for you.

The world’s most effective and durable floor marking tape

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  • Self-adhesive floor marking tape
  • 0.05″ industrial PVC
  • Bevelled edges for super-smooth transit
  • Solid color all the way through

The leanest industrial grade floor tape in the world

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  • Durable, lean marking tape
  • 0.022″/570mu thick
  • Printed, color base layer
  • Tough, upper laminate

The world’s only complete floor marking system

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  • Layered construction
  • Roll widths up to 49″
  • Many die-cut shapes
  • Low profile
  • Laminated, color surface print


We supply some of the best quality non slip tapes in the industry. Our anti slip tapes are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure maximum quality and consistency.­ We are always educating ourselves, as well as you, the customer, about the advancement in anti slip tape manuf­ac­turing. All non slip tapes and floor marking materials are produced in our ISO9000 & ISO14000 factory.


We provide all the tools and assistance you need. We offer a vast quantity of photos of our anti slip tapes and other products (all in our easy to use Heskins® download suite complete with your own watermark), blank sample cards, core printing, shrink wrapping and retail packaged rolls. We always provide the help needed to supply your target market with a wide range of products.


We quote in all the major currencies. Our prices are offered EXW, FCA, DDU or DDP. We have a dedicated logistics department who resolve anything related to freight, documents and procedures. Our logistics team always liaises with you to ensure that you are aware of every stage of the process.


We take our respon­sibi­lities seriously; we test externally at inter­nati­onally recognised labora­tories.­ Datasheets are provided on request that shows all relevant technical data including adherence, coefficient of friction (grip), temperature range, thickness etc.­ Dependent on specific requests we can provide flame retardant certi­ficates, smoke, conductivity etc. As each industry has its own particular nuances please enquire, as an example, we have around 20 different flammability tests for our non slip floor tapes dependent on each specific requirement.

heskins custom products

Custom Products

If your requirements are specific, then you can be sure that we can help! We can offer our products in many sizes, shapes and colors with printing a possibility too. Our machines are advanced to not only guarantee accurate products but reduce waste too, making it a very cost-effective process. We can cater for custom products dependent on order quantity, so contact us to discuss your needs.

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