• Safety Grip Anti Slip Tape
  • Aqua Safe Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape
  • DOT Tape
  • Glow in the Dark Tape
  • Bespoke Contract Services

Anti slip tape from industry leading experts, Heskins LLC

​At Heskins LLC, we can offer you the widest range of anti slip tape and non slip tape in America, offering various widths, lengths, shapes, colors and grades, you can be sure that we have the right anti slip solution for you!

Our range consists of:

  • Safety Grip™ - Our flagship non slip tape, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Aqua Safe & Non Abrasives - Our large and ever evolving range of non abrasive anti slip tapes is without equal. Perfect for applications in areas exposed to water and bare skin and other areas where an abrasive material is not suitable.
  • Conformable Safety Grip™ - It's aluminum backing makes it perfect for application to irregular metal surfaces such as diamond plate.
  • Marine Anti Slip Tape - Our first marine specific anti slip product, resistant to salt water, and kind to bare skin.
  • Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates - For previously impossible applications, bolt down plates used screws, bolts and nails, so can be fixed down quickly and securely.
  • Non Slip Fabric - A soft, non slip foam material, that is versatile and easy to cut to size.
  • Photoluminescent ( glow in the dark ) - Heskins produce a wide and varied range of glow in the dark anti slip and marking tapes.
  • Reflective Tape - Self adhesive hi-viz marking tape that can be easily applied to anywhere that requires additional hazard marking.
  • PermaStripe® - The most durable, effective and complete 5S aisle marking system in the world!
  • Tapeline - Vivid marking tape, created from a durable plastic film.
  • Floor Signs - Self adhesive floor signs constructed from a heavy duty plastic film, with a vivid print.
  • ColorCover - Self adhesive custom signs with OSHA standard color frames.
  • UHB Bonding Tape - Double sided, self adhesive acrylic foam. A more than adequate replacement for many mechanical fixings.
  • DOT Tape - DOT approved, reflective vehicle tape to meet FMCSA regulations.
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Stickers - Stickers to apply to vehicles to warn other road users that you are and will be slow moving.
  • Corrosion Protection Tape - Prevent galvanic corrosion between different metals.
  • Application Accessories - A range of accessories that help initial application, and prolong the life of it too.


We supply some of the best quality non slip tapes in the industry. Our anti slip tapes are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure maximum quality and consistency. We are always educating ourselves, as well as you, the customer, about the advancement in anti slip tape manufacturing. Many of our products are NFSI certified.

Resellers Welcome!

Want to supply our non slip tapes? no problem! Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a reseller, as we can provide you with everything you need to begin selling our products immediately. We can offer retail packaging which includes labelling and core printing and a range of marketing materials such as black sample cards, brochures and a hi-res photo download suite, so the ground work is already done by the time you receive our products. We can discuss your needs to ensure we give you the best start!

Export is Easy

Our logistics department is well organised to not only ensure great lead times, but to ensure the after sales service is second to none! We ensure we are available as much as possible so you are fully updated on every stage of the process.

Custom Products are Possible

If your requirements are specific, then you can be sure that we can help! We can offer our products in many sizes, shapes and colors with printing a possibility too. Our machines are advanced to not only guarantee accurate products, but reduce waste too, making it a very cost effective process. We can cater for custom products dependent on order quantity, so contact us to discuss your needs.


We ensure we thoroughly test our products to not only give you more information, but to make sure it is accurate and ensure the confidence and quality in our products is genuine. Data sheets can be provided, on request, to inform you of CoF ( Coefficient of Friction ), adhesive strength, temperature range and much more! We can provide other certificates dependent on your needs.

Please contact Heskins today and let us create an anti slip solution for you.