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PermaRoute® – The only airport marking solution.

Floor Markers

PermaRoute® is an ideal solution for use as floor marking in busy airports. It’s durability and versatility makes PermaRoute® a cost effective solution.

What is PermaRoute®? I hear you ask. PermaRoute® is a complete floor marking system which is durable and very easy to apply. It will help you create safe, organised aisle ways and signage. It will allow you to optimize each area for maximum efficiency and safety. Why is PermaRoute® ideal for airport application? Using PermaRoute® means you are not just restricted to simple lines; it is a versatile solution which allows you to create a complete visual aid. PermaRoutes® vast selection of lines, angles, junctions, numbers and letters are available to help you achieve this. It’s durable is at an industrial level, and a full range of OSHA regulated color choices are available to help you optimize any area. Airport use can be summarised in, but not restricted to, the following: Airport check in/Security gate

Guide passengers checking in or passing through security easily, with PermaRoute® in a range of colors and shapes to help them reach each section, quickly, efficiently and safely. PermaRoutes® industrial finish ensures it will not degrade under almost constant foot traffic. By using changes in color, you can denote where a passenger can walk though, or must wait before proceeding, with letters available to emphasise instructions. Arrows can be used to direct passengers when there are multiple paths, with lines available to create easy to follow walkways to direct passengers to check in, the security gate or proceeding to embarkation. Feet shapes are useful to instruct people how to position themselves in security scanners when going through. Rotary scanners always require you to stand in a certain position, so by placing feet shapes people can match up to, it speeds up the process and helps keep passengers passing through efficiently. By installing a complete marking solution from PermaRoute®, you are creating a durable system that is also very cost effective. Application

Preparation for PermaRoute® is minimal, as the only requirement on a sealed surface is that the surface you are applying PermaRoute® to is clean, dry and free from grease. If the surface is porous, then the only additional preparation is a recommendation of sealing the surface with Heskins® surface primer, as once dry this will prevent moisture from affecting the adhesive properties, increasing the chance of failure. This 700mu thick product is available in rolls up to 45 inches and can be cut into any shape, with custom options available allowing you to get a specific marking system for your requirements. We can produce PermaRoute® in many sizes, shapes and colors. Dependent on order quantity, we can supply your business with a unique marking system. All color requests must match Pantone or RAL references. To enquire further, or place an order, you can contact our sales team via phone, email, Live Chat or the contact us form on the site. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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