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Dual Purpose Anti-Slip Tiles

Dual-purpose anti slip tiles feature various elements of our marking materials. Combining them with our anti slip surfaces result in an excellent range of versatile anti slip and marking safety products.

The different types of marking materials that feature on Heskins dual-purpose anti slip tapes are:

  • Reflective strips
  • Glow in the dark sections
  • Hazard chevron reflective strips


Dual-Purpose Anti Slip Tiles

The idea of including two different types of material on one tile was to try and use all the different tapes to complement each other, with this plate, not only do you have a firm anti slip surface, but you have two great warning tapes present as well, the reflective tape is perfect for alerting someone during the day or in a lights on situation, due to how high the reflective levels are, and the glow in the dark tape, allows easy night viewing, whereas if it wasn’t there, the tile may blend in and not be noticed.

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