Heskins LLC services

We offer a range of services as part of our production processes. We not only use these to create a wide range of our products but so we can offer you custom anti slip solutions for your business or premises.



Our fully computerised systems allow us to convert our anti slip and marking tape rolls into flat sheets, cut accurately within tight tolerances. Our custom designed sheeter can cut very tough and thick products that other machines could not manage.

Crush Cutting

anti slip tape crush cutter

Our abrasive anti slip materials require a tough machine to slit it down into rolls. Our custom made crush cutter is capable or cutting a wide range of products and is the most effective method available for cutting rolls to accurate tolerances consis­tently.

We can accommodate widths upto 4ft wide and can slit down to 0.35 inches wide (dependent on product stability).

Die Cutting

heskins die cut press

Heskins produces more die-cut materials than any other company in North America. We achieve this by having the latest and best post-production conversion machinery. Our machinery accurately and efficiently die-cuts shapes, due to our investment we are able to strip out most of the labor cost enabling you to have the lowest possible price.

Our flatbed, high output die-cutting machine can produce anti slip tape die-cut shapes from 0.03 inches x 0.03 inches to 36 inches x 64 inches, accurate to within 0.007 inches. Heskins die-cutting service allows Heskins to create tailor-made shapes and sizes of anti slip tape on your behalf.

We have two main categories of flatbed die cutters; fully automated or semi-automated.

Fully automated

High speed, 44-ton flatbed die-cutting. Completely self-feeding, self-cutting, self-ejecting, self-counting and all done within the blink of an eye. These are extremely expensive pieces of machinery with very few existing in America. If you want to receive a high volume of die-cut pieces with almost zero labor cost, this is the choice.


A 40 ton, fast and flexible die cutter. Large scale formats are possible, low pricing for conversion.

Single Knife Slitting


Single knife slitting is a very cost-effective way of converting logs into smaller individual rolls, with the ability to cut down to 0.07" widths with an accuracy of within 0.001". We operate the British ALS S-Tec machine which provides exceptional computer-controlled tolerances and high volume output. Many of our non-abrasive anti slip tapes are cut with this method.

Special Requirements and Products

At Heskins we can manufacture anti slip tape to your specific requirement, you might have a need for a nonslip in a certain shape, colour or it might need to be applied to a difficult surface, we’re certain that we can help! Please find below a brief summary of the options we can offer:

Special sizes

Our safety-grip™ or aqua-safe™ can be cut to any width of roll or any size of die-cut pieces


Our existing color range ready-made on our shelves is vast, but we can also produce products to specifi­cations from Pantone or RAL references dependent on quantity.


We can produce a printed product matching your specifi­cation.

Packaging & Branding

Heskins can provide a full retail solution for you with packaging in your own brand.

Digital Photo Suite

Our digital photo suite allows you to download high-quality photos for use in your marketing, whether online or offline.

Brochures & Sample Cards

We can supply any of our brochures or sample cards for you to use in your marketing efforts branded or unbranded.

To enquire about any of our available marketing materials, or to sign up for a digital photo suite account, you can do so by speaking to our sales team via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.