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2mm Thick Adhesive Anti-Slip Tape and its Uses!

Anti-Slip Tape

Our 2mm adhesive anti slip tape range has only been added recently, around 10 years ago. We were asked many times to produce a 2mm thick material, but, the manufacturing process for producing thicker materials is not easy, it took a lot of development work to be able to successfully produce the range. Let’s talk about the range;

Abrasive and Non-Abrasive

As you may well know we always produce both types! Our 2mm abrasive safety-grip is the H3404 and our 2mm non-abrasive Coarse Resilient is the H5401.

Which is More Suitable, Abrasive or Non-Abrasive?

It really depends on your application and what your preferences are. Abrasive materials have extremely high levels of Coefficient of Friction (how grip is measured), they are still in excess of any non-abrasive product (but the gap is closing). An abrasive material such as H3404 will provide extreme levels of grip in demanding applications, a common application for 2mm H3404 is stair nosings and leading edges, as the product is so thick it will be pronounced of the recess, the abrasive will provide extremely high levels of grip in wet applications, industrial areas etc.

A non-abrasive product such as the 2mm H5401 provides high levels of grip but not as high as the abrasive product. When we first started producing non-abrasive materials the grip levels were low, over time with developments in plastic compounds and embossing technology the Coefficient of Friction values have increased rapidly. Heskins has by far the largest range of non-abrasive adhesive anti slip tape in the world, the reason why we lead the world with this is investment. Developing a non-abrasive material requires a significant investment before anything has been produced, you need very expensive production lines, expensive (multiple) wide width embossing rollers and special compounds, often the compound and/or the embossing roller is not good enough so you then throw a lot of money away with new rollers and compounds and have to start again. All of this investment and experience has enabled us to pioneer non-abrasive adhesive anti slip tape markets. The non-abrasive ranges have so many advantages such as;

  • Easily cleaned
  •  Non-shedding
  •  Can be used in sterile areas, food production areas etc
  •  Kind to skin
  •  Easier to cut/shape

What benefits does a 2mm adhesive anti slip tape bring?

Obviously the first benefit is depth, it is thicker. Depth is not every demand, we supply a lot of companies the material when there is no requirement for something thick but they want extra cushioning or extra sound deadening when applied onto metal. A 2mm product will be more durable compared to a 1mm or 1.3mm material. Some industry sectors demand 2mm, these would include stair nosings, marine and industrial vehicles.

Can it be supplied in rolls and shapes?

It can. A 2mm material is more demanding, for example, our abrasive safety-grip range is slit into rolls using something called a crush cutter, this can be seen on our services page but is a hardened steel roller with almost blunt blades pressed onto it, the blades are under an extreme amount of air pressure that pushes them through the material. When cutting a 2mm abrasive material we have to use specially designed crush cut blades that have an additional air connection to allow double pressure pushing the blade through, such is the strength of the tape. We can slit the rolls to almost any width and die cut to any shape.

Samples can easily be arranged along with all technical information. Our knowledgeable sales team is always happy to help, please make contact!


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