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Anti-Slip Tape for OEMs


We produce anti-slip tape for a wide range of applications for OEMs. Due to the specific requirements of OEMs, our anti-slip tape manufacturing capabilities are versatile.

Heskins is a respected manufacturer of anti-slip tapes for OEMs, we can produce our material in as many colours, shapes and sizes that you can think of. Even surface grit levels, and adhesives can be adjusted.

What is an OEM?

An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is generally perceived to manufacture parts and equipment that another manufacturer will possibly market.

It is, however, an ambiguous term due to it also referring to an OEM product that is made from other OEM parts

We work closely with OEMs to ensure that we conform to all their requirements and procedures; we ensure all shapes (almost all require cut to shape die-cuts) are 100% accurate, all packed to their requirements (often they need to be packed with barcodes, instructions etc.) and we adhere to their strict logistics needs. For adhering onto demanding surfaces, we often change adhesives, HG (High Grab) and LE (Low Energy) being the most popular variations used by Heskins.

Being based in the USA, EU, and UK, we can deliver the exact same anti-slip tape to all locations throughout the world. As we are the manufacturer of the world’s largest range of anti-slip tapes, we ensure that the OEM receives the perfect choice for their need. We provide whatever samples are required, technical backup and all relevant certifications.

If you are an OEM requiring anti-slip tape for your work, please get in touch to find out what we can do for you. Please get in touch with the sales team via live chat or phone, or complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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