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Applying Anti-Slip Tape as Stair Treads

Anti-Slip Tape

Injuries due to slips on stairs are commonplace. By using anti-slip stair treads, you can reduce the number of accidents. Read how Heskins can help.

Across America, injuries due to slips on stairs are commonplace and happen daily. There are a number of factors that cause slips, poor footwear, water, ice, snow and mud. Even the steps finish, such as varnish can make them slippery and dangerous to walk on without proper care. Many companies construct stairways without inspecting the slip prevention effectively, leaving many sets of steps that leave people prone to potential slips all too easy. There are many ways of reducing the number of slip accidents, however, some are expensive and difficult to apply, resulting in long periods of downtime. Heskins LLC stock a range of anti-slip tapes that are perfect for applying to stairways as anti-slip stair treads, which you will still see in many stairways in your local towns and cities. Our variety of products for anti-slip stair treads are as follows:

Safety Grip™

Our flagship product, Safety Grip™ anti slip tape is a product which sets a standard for anti-slip tape, a ubiquitous material that can be used as slip prevention in virtually any environment. Safety Grip™ is available in a range of grit grades, dependent on the extremity of slip prevention required. Safety Grip™ is available in 3 grades; standard, coarse and extra coarse. Which one of these you decide to use will depend on your slip prevention needs. For general use, star treads indoors or outdoors in moderate weather and rain, standard will be the best choice. For stair treads exposed to water and dirt, coarse will be a good choice, as the grit granules are bigger, and the valleys in between wider. This allows the water and dirt to disperse more easily, preventing it from clogging the surface and making the anti-slip tape ineffective.  Extra coarse is for stair treads that require extreme slip prevention. Areas exposed to dirt such as clay, like construction sites and other areas exposed to snow and ice will benefit from extra coarse Safety Grip™ anti-slip tape.


Conformable traction tape, as the names suggest, conforms to any irregular surface it applies to. The backing is made from aluminum foil, which carries no inherent memory, allowing the anti-slip tape to be formed over surfaces that Safety Grip™ and other anti-slip tapes can’t be applied to effectively. Conformable is perfect for use as anti-slip stair treads on steps made from durbar tread or other diamond metal plate. When applied, conformable anti slip tape can be pressed over the irregular surfaces, or formed into place with a rubber mallet. This ensures that steps made from metal plate will have adequate slip protection in wet, dry or muddy conditions.

Non-Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Nonabrasive anti slip tape is a common material found indoors as anti-slip stair treads. Many malls, outlets and business premises will have non-abrasive anti-slip tape applied on stair nosings. As the material is non-abrasive, it will not cause accelerated wear on shoes but will provide exceptional slip protection on steps, in wet or dry conditions. We stock many variants of non-abrasive, our most popular being Aqua Safe™ and resilient. Using non-abrasive as an anti-slip stair nosing is usually the most popular choice indoors. Non-abrasive anti-slip tape also benefits from bacteria not being able to harbor on or within it, as it is very easy to clean, so catering and healthcare environments will benefit from non-abrasive anti-slip tape used as stair treads.

Marine Anti Slip Tape

Following on from non-abrasive, marine anti slip tape is an exceptional non-slip material that harbors no bacteria, and is also mop friendly, making it easy to clean. This makes it suitable for application as anti-slip stair nosing in healthcare, catering and cleanroom environments. Marine anti slip tape offers exceptional slip protection in wet or dry conditions, due to its semi-abrasive surface, which is coated in round glass beads, called S2, then a top resin coat is applied to seal it.

Anti-Slip Bolt Down Plates

Anti-slip bolt down plates are perfect for use as stair nosing when self-adhesive anti-slip tape cannot be applied effectively. Using bolts, screws or nails, bolt down anti-slip plates can be applied very quickly, creating durable anti-slip stair nosing, that can be removed in dryer months if safe enough to do so. Bolt down anti-slip plates are made from aluminum or stainless steel and are available as flat treads, or L-shaped plates depending on your requirement. Anti-slip tape is applied to the surface, meaning you can choose any abrasive or non-abrasive non-slip material of your choosing. By applying anti-slip stair nosing to all steps and stairways in your premises, you can be sure to reduce the number of slip accidents by a large percentage. Visit the website and take a look at the anti-slip stair treads we have on offer. We offer many sizes, shapes and colors, with custom options available dependent on order quantity. If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team, you can do so by contacting us by email or phone. Alternatively, use the live chat feature to speak to one of our sales team right now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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