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Brown Reflective Tape Now Available

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Heskins® cost-effective, high-visibility reflective marking tape is now available in brown. Read about brown reflective tape in this blog post.

Heskins® is dedicated to pioneering safety solutions, and at Heskins we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation – brown reflective tape.

Reflective Tape: A Practical Safety Solution

Reflective tape is a simple yet highly effective safety product. It capitalizes on light reflection, ensuring exceptional visibility even in low-light conditions. This high-visibility attribute is paramount in alerting both foot and vehicle traffic to potential hazards, ultimately mitigating accident risks.

At Heskins®, we firmly believe that safety solutions should be accessible and cost-effective. That’s precisely why our reflective tape is meticulously designed to offer an affordable yet dependable safety solution for a wide array of applications. It empowers users to swiftly and effortlessly apply it in areas that harbor potential safety risks.

Unveiling the Versatility of Brown Reflective Tape

Brown reflective tape is the newest inclusion in our extensive color palette. We already offer various color options, such as red/white and black/white hazard tape, catering to diverse safety requirements. The introduction of brown reflective tape unlocks fresh possibilities for bolstering safety measures.

Here are some avenues where brown reflective tape can be instrumental in enhancing safety:

  • Walkways and Staircases

In industrial and commercial settings, walkways and staircases can prove to be hazardous zones, particularly in conditions with limited lighting. Brown reflective tape can be adeptly applied to handrails, steps, and the peripheries of walkways to amplify visibility and preempt accidents.

  • Low-Hanging Objects

Warehouses or construction sites often harbor low-hanging objects that pose risks to personnel and equipment. The strategic application of brown reflective tape to such objects heightens their visibility, reducing the likelihood of collisions and resultant injuries.

  • Sprawling Areas

Entrances to large-scale facilities, like factories or storage sites, often necessitate high-visibility markings. Brown reflective tape can be employed to create conspicuous markings, ensuring that anyone entering the area remains cognizant of potential hazards.

  • Robust Adhesion

Our brown reflective tape boasts a permanent adhesive backing that ensures a durable bond. Our reflective tape can withstand a range of weather conditions, rendering it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. To optimize performance, it is advisable to apply the tape to a clean, dry surface.

Application Accessories for Optimal Outcomes

To facilitate the seamless application of brown reflective tape and extend its service life, Heskins® offers an assortment of application accessories. These tools facilitate secure and long-lasting bonding, bolstering the tape’s effectiveness in augmenting safety.

Connect with Us for Inquiries

If you seek further insights on brown reflective tape or wish to place an order, our proficient sales team is at your service. You can engage with us through live chat or by phone to discuss your unique safety requisites and receive expert guidance on the most suitable solutions. You can complete the contact form on our website, and a dedicated member of our sales team will promptly attend to your queries or orders.

Stay Informed with Heskins®

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At Heskins®, safety is our paramount concern, and we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make a tangible difference.


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