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Coarse Resilient Restroom Treads Now Available

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We have created a range of anti-slip restroom treads using coarse resilient to prevent slip and fall injuries. Read about coarse resilient restroom treads.

Here at Heskins LLC, we are determined to get the most of our materials. Our most recent discovery uses our coarse resilient material for restrooms. Heskins coarse resilient restroom treads are a self-adhesive sheet of anti-slip material that can be applied to the floor just below your toilets/urinals and sinks. Besides being visually appealing, there are many benefits to having our anti slip restroom treads applied to your flooring.

Coarse Resilient Restroom Tread Features

Firstly, this material is covered entirely by a strong lasting adhesive backing. This allows the material to stay put on the ground. It won’t slide around like other ordinary restroom matting. Our adhesive is top of the line, creating a solution that will last for an extended period of time. Even when walked and stood on, our Coarse Resilient Restroom Treads will not move.

Next, this product can come in a wide variety of colors. This makes our product suitable for almost any restroom. From dark shades to vibrant ones, our range of colors provides a visually appealing yet practical result.

We all know that it can be difficult to keep restrooms clean at times. One of the best features of this product is that coarse resilient anti-slip is easily cleanable. All that is necessary to clean our Restroom Treads is a mop and some hot, soapy water. Unlike regular mats, when cleaning, our adhesive material will not allow the mat to move around when cleaning it. If you prefer to clean this material with bacterial fighting cleaner, you may, as this material has an extremely strong tolerance to chemicals.

Finally, this material has been tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). When a product is used as a part of a Floor Safety program, it reduces slip and fall accidents by as much as 90%! Heskins LLC anti-slip restroom treads are the perfect solution to keep your floors aesthetically pleasing, clean, and all-around safer for your environment.

To sample coarse resilient restroom treads or place an order, please contact the sales team via email, telephone or through our contact form on our website.

We offer coarse resilient in 3 different variants:


The base film for this is manipulated to give it a finish which is extremely similar to rubber, not only giving it great non slip properties, but the inherent softness also gives it holding properties. Whilst the peaks and valleys are not so sharp, the features of the material make up for this to give it a fantastic CoF.


​The base film on CRMKIII and CR_LEAN have not been manipulated so much, but this ensures that sharper peaks and valleys can be produced during the embossing process, as firmer plastics retain a complex pattern much more easily. This allows for excellent CoF levels, that create fantastic slip prevention in water or in moist conditions.


This is our lean coarse resilient. You can read more about it by visiting the page here.

Heskins® non-abrasive range is constructed from plastic due to the dimensional stability that it brings. Materials such as rubber are too inconsistent to meet quality control regulations for these products, so by using plastic we can achieve the same benefits rubber provides, but with a more consistent finish.

For a leaner, non-abrasive anti slip material, our resilient tape is also available. This can still provide excellent grip levels, for less demanding applications.

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