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Coarse Safety Grip Used In Pigs Pen


We at Heskins® always love to hear about unique applications for our Safety Grip. This blog post talks about the use of Coarse Safety Grip in a pigs pen.

Heskins® takes joy in uncovering the myriad ways our products, designed for safety and utility, find themselves in unique and unexpected applications. This particular narrative unfolds in the heart of Indiana, where a resourceful customer devised a one-of-a-kind solution for her pigs using our Coarse Safety Grip—an application that goes beyond the conventional and showcases the adaptability of our offerings.

In the rural expanse of Indiana, a woman undertook the task of enhancing her barn.A newly laid concrete floor set the stage for a space that promised both functionality and comfort. However, as is often the case, challenges arise in the pursuit of optimal conditions. In this scenario, the concern wasn’t just about the aesthetics or structural integrity of the floor; it was about the well-being of the pigs that would call this space home.

The crux of the matter was the desire to provide a surface that not only catered to the pigs’ comfort but also addressed a practical concern—nail filing. Pigs, with their hooves and constant movement, required a surface that would naturally file their nails as they traversed the pen. The absence of such a surface would not only compromise the pigs’ welfare but also necessitate a significant investment in resurfacing the recently laid flooring—a prospect neither appealing nor practical.

Enter the inventive spirit of our customer, who saw a potential solution in Heskins®’ Coarse Safety Grip. Recognizing the need for texture on the surface to facilitate the desired nail filing for the pigs, she reached out to explore the possibilities. This marked the beginning of a collaboration aimed at addressing a unique challenge with a tailored solution.

Heskins® responded promptly by sending samples of three different grades of material, allowing the customer to assess and choose the most suitable option for her specific requirements. After careful consideration, the customer found that the Coarse Safety Grip, with its distinctive 36-grit aluminum oxide surface, offered the perfect balance of grip and comfort. With the desired size readily available in our stock, the Coarse Safety Grip was dispatched on the same day, underscoring our commitment to swift and efficient service.

The application process was guided by Heskins®’ comprehensive instructions, ensuring a seamless and effective integration of the Coarse Safety Grip into the pig pen. Recognizing the high-traffic nature of the area, the customer also opted for our Edge Sealer—an additional layer of protection to enhance durability.

The success of this unconventional application lies not just in the functionality of the Coarse Safety Grip but also in the cost-effective and practical solution it provided. The pigs, undoubtedly, benefitted from a surface that not only met their unique needs but also contributed to their overall well-being. For the customer, it meant avoiding the significant costs and efforts associated with resurfacing, all while embracing a solution that showcased the adaptability of Heskins®’ products.

Coarse Safety Grip, with its large peaks and valleys, proved to be more than an industrial-grade anti-slip tape. It became a testament to the versatility of our offerings, transcending traditional boundaries to address the specific needs of our customers, even those of the four-legged variety.

For those interested in exploring the dimensions of Coarse Safety Grip, our website provides a comprehensive view of sizes and color options. The variety ensures that customers can not only meet functional requirements but also align with aesthetic preferences.

As this narrative exemplifies, Heskins® takes pride in being more than a provider of anti-slip solutions; we are enablers of creativity and problem-solving. The pig pen scenario is just one among many stories where our products become integral parts of unique solutions, showcasing the limitless potential when innovation meets practicality.

For those intrigued by the possibilities and contemplating their own unique applications, the Heskins® team stands ready to assist. Whether through live chat, our contact form, or a simple phone call, we welcome the opportunity to explore inventive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

In conclusion, the tale of the pig pen goes beyond a practical application; it embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptability that defines Heskins®. As we continue to serve our customers with top-notch solutions, we remain open to the unexpected and the extraordinary, ready to turn challenges into opportunities for creative solutions.


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