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Coarse Safety Grip Used In Pigs Pen


We at Heskins® always love to hear about unique applications for our Safety Grip. This blog post talks about the use of Coarse Safety Grip in a pigs pen.

We love to see our customers be creative with their applications and prove that no one is limited to what we list on our website! Here is a great example:

A woman from Indiana called and explained that she had just put down a new concrete floor in her barn for her pigs. She informed us that she was looking for something to add texture to the surface so that the pig’s nails would be filed while they walk in their pens. If they could not find something they were going to have to resurface their brand new flooring; that would cost them a lot of time and money!

We sent her samples of three different grades of material; she decided that our Coarse Safety Grip was the best solution for her needs. We had her desired size in stock and it was shipped out the same day! She followed our application instructions and even purchased some of our Edge Sealer since it was a high traffic area.

We are so glad that Heskins® could provide a cost-effective solution to her problem, and we’re sure that her pigs are happy too!

Our Coarse Safety Grip surface is made from a 36-grit aluminum oxide. It is known for its large peaks and valleys, making it perfect for any industrial applications because it will resist clogging with dust and mud.

You can view Coarse Safety Grip’s sizes and color range here.

If you would like to speak with someone about your unique application, please join our live chat, fill out the contact us form, or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


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