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Corrosion Protection Tape; Stop Galvanic Corrosion

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Galvanic corrosion can be a massive problem in the workplace. Prevent it with galvanic corrosion protection tape.

In construction and many industrial business ventures, a lot of equipment or structures can be constructed from different metals, for various reasons. The contact of two different metals can, over time, result in a reaction known as galvanic corrosion, an electrochemical process, where the different electrode potentials of the differing metals, in the presence of an electrolyte, causes one to act as an anode, and the other, a cathode. This causes metallic ions to move from the former to the latter, causing the anode to corrode much faster, creating structural weaknesses. In equipment and structures that do not require this process to happen as part of their function, it can degrade the structural strength, and reduce service life.

You can stop this by placing a material in between the two metals, stopping the reaction from occurring completely. We have created a cost effective, durable product specifically for this purpose….

Corrosion Protection Tape

H3453 Corrosion Protection tape is a product constructed from a plastic film, with an adhesive backing on one side to increase application efficiency. Applying this to the surface of one metal you are going to join another to, creates a strong barrier to prevent galvanic corrosion. Corrosion protection tape is available in rolls or die-cut sheets depending on your need. Dependent on order quantity, we can also produce die cuts in specific shapes for you, to help increase application and performance efficiency further, reducing time and costs in more than just the product itself.

For application advice, you can view our video below:

To enquire further, or to order corrosion protection tape, you can contact our sales team by email, live chat, phone, or the contact us page on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.


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