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Custom Printed Anti-Slip Tape Transforms Pool Safety & Branding


At Heskins, we’re dedicated to merging safety with style and branding, especially when it comes to the critical area around swimming pools. Our innovative lineup of waterproof anti-slip tapes, including Marine Safety-Grip, Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Tape, and Resilient No Skid Tape, is not just designed to prevent accidents but also to offer an opportunity for customization and visual enhancement through custom printing.

Custom Printed Tapes Provide Safety and Branding

Why settle for standard when you can personalize? Custom printed anti-slip tapes offer a unique opportunity to improve safety while reinforcing your brand identity or adding a personal touch to your pool area. Whether it’s the logo of your resort, the name of your private villa, or simply a design that complements the aesthetic of your space, custom printed tapes serve a dual purpose.

Marine Safety-Grip Where Durability Meets Custom Design

Ideal for areas constantly exposed to water, the Marine Safety-Grip can be custom printed to not only offer unmatched grip and durability but also to showcase branding or safety messages directly where guests interact with your space, enhancing both safety and brand visibility.

Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Tape Adds Comfort with a Personal Touch

Our Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Tape, known for its comfort and non-abrasive texture suitable for barefoot areas, can be transformed with custom printing. Imagine guests walking over a safety tape that gently reminds them to tread carefully, marked with playful icons or soft warnings, making safety instructions an integral part of the pool’s design.

Resilient No Skid Tape to Subtly Add Safety, Customized Messages

The Resilient No Skid Tape offers a unique combination of texture and water-resistance, making it perfect for family pools. Custom printing on this tape allows for subtle yet effective communication of safety messages, or even fun, interactive designs to engage swimmers of all ages.

Why Choose Custom Printed Tapes for Your Pool?

Enhanced Safety

Custom printing allows for the integration of clear, visible safety messages or symbols directly on the tape, making it easier for swimmers to notice and adhere to safety precautions.

Brand Reinforcement

For commercial pools, custom printed tapes can reinforce brand identity, creating a cohesive and immersive brand experience even in the pool area.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond safety and branding, custom printed tapes can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool, aligning with its design theme or adding a splash of creativity to the surroundings.

Versatility and Customization

With our die-cut service, these custom printed tapes can be cut to fit any shape or size, ensuring that the safety and branding extend seamlessly across all areas of your pool space.

Transform Your Pool with Heskins Custom Printed Anti-Slip Tapes

At Heskins, we believe that safety and aesthetic appeal should go hand in hand. Our waterproof anti-slip tapes, tailored with custom printing, offer an innovative solution to pool safety and branding. Whether you’re aiming to enhance the safety measures of your commercial pool or add a personal touch to your home pool, our custom printed tapes provide a versatile, effective solution.

Dive into a safer, more branded pool experience with Heskins. Explore our range of custom printed waterproof anti-slip tapes and discover how they can transform your pool area. Let’s make every swim safe, stylish, and uniquely yours.


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