Custom Printed DOT C2 Tape Now Available

custom printed dot c2 tapeHere at Heskins, we know that it is a top priority of most businesses to keep themselves, their employees and customers safe. As most of you know, Heskins offers DOT conspicuity tape. But now, it’s custo­miz­able! To increase safety in your business, Heskins offers you the opportunity to add custom prints to your DOT Tape. There are many benefits of custom printed DOT C2 tape, including brand exposure and optimal safety! Heskins DOT tape is applied to all sides and rear of vehicles. Having your tape customized means that others are not only able to spot the reflection from the vehicle, but it also promotes your business at the same time. Two in one! Your company’s graphics can be printed on either our glass bead DOT C2 tape or our metalized Microp­ris­matic DOT tape. This option is welcomed to resellers as well. Not only can we apply resellers graphics onto Heskins DOT tape but we can also offer your customers graphics to be placed on Heskins DOT tape as well for redis­tri­bution purposes! This tape is not just a safety solution, but it is appealing to the eye as well and makes an exceptional marketing tool.

How Do I Begin?

All we need from you is for you to send in your flat graphics ( preferably .eps or .ai files, but if necessary we can work with any clean image format ) of your logo to enable the printing process. We offer custom printed DOT C2 tape plus other services, of which you can find on our services page. We offer a wide range of custom services to allow you to receive specific anti slip or marking solutions for your business or premises. For more information on custom printed DOT C2 tape, you can visit the product page or contact Heskins by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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