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Increase Brand & Trailer Visibility with Custom Logo DOT Tape

DOT Tape

DOT tape is a federal requirement, but it does not mean that it cannot also be used as an amazing marketing tool for your company. Every day millions of trucks and trailers are seen with highly distinctive and visible red/white blocks of DOT tape. At Heskins, we make it so easy that you can have your company name and/or logo so noticeable for the entire lifespan of the equipment. If you are a trailer or truck manufacturer, imagine your own logo running down the side, it will be visible in all light conditions, it will be the most visible part of the equipment. Are you a fleet operator and want to ensure that your marketing is seen at night, at day, on the move and at rest? We can do it!

All Heskins materials are officially FMVSS certified to meet DOT tape requirements. We have two main offerings;

Red on white base print, white on red base print

This version is the most visible in both day and night conditions.

Modified white, modified red

The prisms are altered in the films to result in different levels of light deflection. The light altering creates the patterns, texts, logos etc required.

We have low MOQs of down to 20 and are hoping that by 2023 we will have this down to just 1. We present the artwork to you in a virtual format that makes it look like the DOT tape is there before you in all different formats. We have even created new logos for some companies (our creative team are quite literally creative). We offer expert advice and ensure you get a product that looks incredible on your truck, trailer or fleet.

What Size of DOT Tape is Available?

The rolls are offered in either 6/6 or 7/11 format. Custom kit packs for OEMs are available upon request, just get on touch with our friendly sales team

How Easy is it to Install DOT tape?

Very easy, we have many videos detailing the installation process of Heskins tape, all you need to do is clean the area, and peel away the backing liner. Apply pressure to the applied tape and you will have a reflective DOT tape covered surface or vehicle.

Please make contact and let us create an amazing customized DOT tape for your business. We do all the work; we design it, send you the proofs, guide you then produce something that really does pay for itself. Think of your trucks and trailers driving around with your logo showing even if someone has rebranded everything else that is unique, and only Heskins can do this!


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