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Does Your Trailer Need DOT C2 Tape & the Conspicuity Standard

Reflective Tape

DOT C2 tape is the federal vehicle Conspicuity standard for
trucks and trailers. DOT stands for Department of Transportation and the C2 is
in reference to the materials width which is 2”. DOT C2 tape is not the only
DOT approved Conspicuity tape, you may also see DOT C3, DOT C4 etc but these
are less common. Although uncommon these other sizes are still required and are
popular in certain industry sectors. As Heskins® is a manufacturer, we can
produce DOT in any width or shape, whether you need 1” or 2.25”, that is not a
problem, it does not need to be solely DOT C2 tape. We have many customers who
take the material in widths other than the conventional 2” size, although 2”
takes up about 99% of our DOT output. Some of the offerings we can provide in
DOT tape are;

  • Any width
  • Any length
  • Choice of 6/6 or 7/11 alternating
    Red and White, Plain White and Plain Red as standard,
  • We can even produce kiss
    cut lengths and sections of tape specific to your needs.
  • Special colors (some of the special colors look amazing) – would drop this as it’s not going to be DOT Compliant and would save for another blog post
  • For retail application we can package to your requirements with no mention of Heskins® or under the Heskins® branded range.
  • Different adhesives
  • Logo/text customization etc

Customers often ask us…

How long does DOT C2 tape last?

Glass bead DOT C2 tape lasts 5 years, whereas Heskins® Metalized DOT C2 tape lasts 5 to 10 years depending on the variant you choose.

Can you put a company logo on DOT C2 tape?

Yes, minimum quantity for custom DOT tape is 50 rolls for Glass Bead and 20 rolls of Metalized DOT tape.

Is reflective DOT tape material certified?

Yes, independently by Calcoast.

How many feet are in a roll of DOT C2 tape?

150ft in a standard roll.

Does my trailer need reflective DOT tape?

Refer to FMVSS108 however for best practice even trailers that do not fall under the requirement weight and classification wise added reflectivity enhances visibility at night increasing safety

Please make contact to discuss what we can produce for you!


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