Extra Coarse Safety Grip

extra coarse safety grip tape surfaceExtra coarse Safety Grip is an incredibly durable and abrasive heavy duty anti slip tape, designed for use in heavy duty industrial environments. Areas that are exposed to mud, clay and even ice and snow will benefit from Extra coarse Safety Grip tape as an anti slip solution.

X-coarse uses an especially large aluminum oxide grit granule. One that is so heavy, that the regular plastic backing carrier is not suitable, as it would be more prone to splitting. In it's a place, a more heavy duty plastic backing is used to adhere the abrasive granules to, increasing durability for heavy outdoor use. It is then coated with a high tack adhesive ( HG ) that will adhere efficiently to even low energy surfaces.

Extra Coarse Safety Grip Colors

Extra coarse Safety Grip is available in the following colors:

black extra coarse anti slip tape



extra coarse anti slip tape rollExtra Coarse Safety Grip Sizes

Extra coarse anti slip tape is available in widths ranging from 1" to 46" and lengths from 1 foot to 60 feet. These are all off the shelf sizes. Heskins can provide other sizes, with varying lead times, so please ensure to contact us to enquire.

Custom Extra Coarse Safety Grip

Dependent on order quantity, Heskins can produce HG Extra Coarse Safety Grip tape in various sizes, shapes and colors ( matching Pantone and RAL references ) to suit your requirements. While lead times are longer, this allows you to get a specific anti slip solution for your premises, reducing waste.

Coefficient of Friction Data

Dry Surface Test Result Wet Surface Test Result
102 TRL 80 TRL

Regulations and Certifications

Below is a table denoting what regulations HG extra coarse Safety Grip meets and what certs, if any, are available.

Certifications and Regulations Regulation Met?/Cert Available?
OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23 Check mark symbol
CoF Standards for Americans with Disabilities Act 2008 Check mark symbol
NFSI Certification

For more information, you can contact the Heskins sales team by phone, email, live chat or by using the contact us form on the website.